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Jeff G jeffgallop at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 12:43:17 CDT 2013

Twenty one days ago at midnight I dosed for the fourth time in eight years
with the root....before that moment I was totally dependant on
opiates...today twenty one days later I am not. Really the next day I
wasn't, and that is truly a miracle. It boggles my mind the power in this
It's been slow, hard, lonely, and I have been forced to face some hard
Has it been worth it? Mostly yes, but I confess to wondering if I am in
fact a lifer... destined or doomed to either methadone or ? forever.
Sometimes it feels inevitable.. just being honest though not proud of it.
This is my last best shot and I am determined to give it all the chance of
I tried meetings, they just do not seem to be for me. I have such a bad
taste in my mouth from  past experiences there..but...
I am feeling better but still weak slow and not fully myself, but I do get
glimpses of me shining through every so often. And that is enough, far far
better than that first horrific week. I am very proud of myself for not
taking the easy way out then and I know it was the root not me.
I have been trying to walk as much as possible. I have been eating good and
lots. I have been pounding amino acids and rhodiola rhodesia...
That's it fer now...
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