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James Forristal psychonaut101 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 19:23:01 CDT 2013

And no, I've found no static state perfection nor do I seek it.  I was
reborn a raw nerve ending on planet earth and I do my best to remain a
reflection of the world around me.  Its mah job yo...hahaha
On Jun 4, 2013 5:19 PM, "James Forristal" <psychonaut101 at gmail.com> wrote:

> You mean a bad trip, oh yes.. I was conditioned and rather shteltered in
> the fundamentalist monotheist culture.  I had a very strong sense of self
> (unhealthy self) and this black or white, good or bad dichotomy within with
> the savior complex mixed with resentment to bood inside me and really had
> no clue of what it is to let go.  I've had an all out schizophrenic
> meltdown and It was scarey as hell.  An all out war of the
> compartmentalized parts of me.  I consider it one of the more profoud and
> beneficial experiences of my life.  It took about 6 months to reintegrate
> from that doozy.
> On Jun 4, 2013 3:05 PM, "Edward W" <edwardw at mtciep.com> wrote:
>> Hi James,
>> Just curious if you ever felt, damaged psychologically, by any
>> psychedelic use?
>> Thanks,
>> ___________________
>> Edward
>> edwardw at mtciep.com
>> On 6/4/2013 5:10 AM, James Forristal wrote:
>>> I've had very difficult experiences on psychedelics and each one of them
>>> tought me more and more about my perception of the universe within and
>>> throughout.  I guess if you are raised as your ego only being king to some
>>> monotheist god mixed with heavily enculturated me me me thinking it may
>>> bring on something to akin to schizophrenia but that's due to a very
>>> compartmentalized, dominating and insecure ego.   I've seen maybe one I
>>>  one hundred people have any sort of lasting crack and they all had totally
>>> bkocked out the psychedelic experience beyond its superficial aspects...
>>> which isn't the beneficial part of using psyches imo.  Those of us that
>>> just want to escape will use anything.. and if they can't get "anything"
>>> they tend to resort to dust off and huffing glue.  If they can piddle with
>>> low doses of psyche's to escape they most likely will, until that powerful
>>> bugger comes along and opens the flood gates to all they've locked away.
>>>  Anywho, I'm over blaming this bullshit on chemicals... no well adjusted
>>> individual that is open and trusts themselges and this world,  with happy
>>> healthy relationships full of understanding and support will 99.99999%
>>> never cross the boundary from recreation and exploration into self
>>> destructive pathological distraction added by expensive illegal numbing
>>> agents.  Its just not worth it to people that have a home (not a house... A
>>> HOME).  Not saying your implying anything Ed, but it erks me when fokks
>>> point their fingers towards folks with such issues and say its all them...
>>> from my ezperience its almost never and either/or situation.. its normally
>>> a very grey issue.   Even those that are bored and just want to party...
>>> apperenlty don't mind following apart on the train ride to hell, as when
>>> you get to really talking to them (a providers JOB), you find out they are
>>> very repressed and alone and don't know the way out.   I'm going to be
>>> extra special arrogant here and say that's a good percentage of the world
>>> population.  If the opiate of the masses does brainwash you in to enduring
>>> your suffering, a true opiate/stimulant bender etc etc will... for a while
>>> anyway.  The stigma against addicts need to go we all need to see the part
>>> we play in making one another and ourselves feel homeless.
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