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Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 19:47:42 CST 2013

Star, I hope you feel better soon. How long does the swine flu last?
That is awesome you are off the sub!
I have been on Methadone maintenance and Sub maintenance.  I kicked Sub
once but I don't remember how soon I relapsed back on Norco.
I could NEVER imagined a cold turkey Methadone detox!  I went 10 days one
time and ended up in the psych ward.
To me Methadone withdrawal is more physically painful.
Bufenorphine withdrawal may not be as intense but the PAWS seem to last
You are doing so good!Your an  inspiration to me!
I LOVE watching someone get better in REAL TIME.

Lotsof Love, Val
 On Dec 29, 2013 7:00 PM, "star ray" <earthshealing at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Sergey, it sounds like you have a pretty good plan.  That's what i did, I
> made a plan and I stuck right to the end.  Tapering sucked to be honest
> with you, even with that very small amount of suboxone i was on .50 mg, I
> know everyone thinks it is crazy but i was in constant withdrawal cutting
> down from that to .12 or so,  my blood pressure was 195 over 105 one day
> and it is usually 104 over 69 or something totally low like that.  Anyway,
> my one son that got off sub hating tapering also,  he got down to 2 mg and
> just jumped to SAO's but on line some people do it without trouble,
> the younger people have the best luck with it.  Honestly, you cannot really
> listen to what anyone else says about withdrawals with tapering because
> from what i have read some people have no problem at all... but go with how
> you feel and your gut feeling, I am sure you will know what to do.  I just
> did not want to be on sao's again (or very minimal amount) so i
> tapered.....  Now i know nothing about methadone so I cannot offer anything
> regarding how it is to taper off that.  I am sure now that you have a plan
> you are ready to get going!!  I understand that.
> What's your girlfriend gonna do??
> Wishing you Victory Sergey over this demon of addiction!!!
> Have a Happy New Year!!!   Star (stuggling with what may be swine flu
> arrrggghhhh, 11 days now)
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