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Hi Serge,

On Met I could go done to 30 and 35 mg and then would start using.  And if
you go too low it is like being in perpetual w/d.  Do you have to go to the
clinic ever day or do you get take homes?

I can't really say but for me if you shoot the stuff dillies are not that
great for detoxing.  For me I can not detox while shooting dillies, better
off snorting something or better yet use 12 hr tabs of morphine so your not
checking the clock to see when you can take your next vike.


Yeah that is the reason I Hate met clinics.  I don't like people telling me
what to do - it runs in the family.  I don't like to be told not to use,
smoke weed, when to cut down or when to pee in a cup.  But ya gotta
remember I went to them they did not come to me.  Oh it is hell in the
winter, if your car don't start, if the electricity is out, if a tornado
comes and blows the clinic down.... well your in trouble.  I often wonder
what those who were on Methadone did when Hurricane Sandy hit.  Going to
the hospital and telling them that you go to a clinic and need met could
mean a long walk and a long wait in line and dirty looks from the Drs and


  - JIM

On Sat, Dec 28, 2013 at 1:11 PM, Sergey Sibirian <sibirianfox at gmail.com>wrote:

> Jim,
> I'm on 41 as we speak, on 40 next week, and overall that's the dynamic:
> going down steadily.
> On the other hand I find it very difficult to diminish, and I have NOT
> By "borderline" I mean that threshold after which every milligram is a
> struggle.
> It's different for every individual, but it's usually between 40-20 mg.
> For my girl it was 23 mls. Before 23 she had no problem whatsoever to cut
> up to 15% a month (she would cut 15 mls above 60ml dosage and after 60 she
> would
> cut 10mls a month, then 5, then 2….)
> But after hitting 23ml, every ml down was hell. That's when she switched
> to Suboxone.
> Also, I don't want to spend years going down a milligram at a time and
> still be on edge.
> Next month, january 2014 I'm ordering a batch of Kratom to see if I can
> switch to it from my 40mls.
> If Kratom doesn't work I have another option: hydromorphone that I have a
> supply ready.
> The point is,-I absolutely ready myself for a 2-3 months of SAO's before
> the Ibo flood.
> So the latest I plan to do the flood is end of spring-middle summer 2014.
> After I've been a good while on SAO's.
> That's the plan, I'll do whatever it takes to stick to it.
> Wish you well
> Sergey
> On Sat, Dec 28, 2013 at 11:23 AM, Jim Hadey3 <jimhadey3 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Serge,
>> You said you are going to take the Exp and your on Met at 42 mg.  Have
>> you thought of maybe seeing if you could go to 40 and then maybe 35mg?  If
>> ya did do you think it would help all that much?  Man, that stuff gets a
>> hold of ya and doesn't let go and like heroin you still got to deal with
>> the mighty cravings.  It's hard for Ibo to do the job all by it's self so
>> do what ya got to do and you know everyone is rooting fer ya.  When is it
>> you were planning for it??
>> Best to ya Serg,
>>   - JIM
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> --
> *Wish you well*
> Sergey
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