[Ibogaine] Danielle

Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
Sat Dec 28 19:20:43 CST 2013

I have been told you should take it on an empty stomach.

As far as fasting I would think it's not a good thing to do, your body is
going to need a lot of strength plus the next couple of days afterwards you
might not have any type of appetite.
I am NOT an expert, I have only done Ibogaine once. That is just my
opinion. I'm sure other more wiser people can chime in here, and help you.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Don't forget to take some benedryl to help with the
nausea. It saved me! (Thanks Star)

I wish you the best and I am sure other people on here can help you.

Lotsof Love, Val
On Dec 28, 2013 4:59 PM, "Tyler Rutland" <cody.tyler.rutland at gmail.com>

> Merry Christmas, happy Kwanzaa, happy Hanukkah, and all that mushy stuff
> to all you guys! I am happy i can participate with you here, and listen to
> all of your experiences, many of which are very amazing to me.
> I got some money for Christmas, so i am going to order iboga TA online
> today or tomorrow! (Although... considering CerberusExtract.com is
> currently down, it looks like it will definitely be tomorrow, if not the
> next day.)
> The next 6 weeks are going to be hard, since i want to quit cannabis
> entirely in preparation from my journey of introspection... not looking
> forward to it exceedingly much, but i remind myself that true living in a
> sober and clear-minded sense will vastly trump having the ability to make
> video games slightly more enthralling or mesmerizing. And i miss seeing a
> light in my own face, whereas right now my eyes have that glazed stoner
> look that is not very attractive to me at all. Ah well... i am grateful to
> my experiences still, since they let me relate to my step-father now, who
> is very addicted to the stuff although in the past i used to resent him for
> being so thick-skulled. Now i see that it is just an unforeseen effect of
> all the weed he has smoked...
> Anywho, I am wondering: do you guys have any other tips for somebody who
> has a few weeks to lead up to his iboga journey? I am thinking it may be
> wise to fast for 4-5 days in preparation for it, but i do not know if it is
> best to go into it with an empty stomach. Do you have any thoughts about
> that in particular, or about any other advisable strategies to make the
> whole experience run as smoothly as possible?
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