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Tyler Rutland cody.tyler.rutland at gmail.com
Sat Dec 28 12:50:28 CST 2013

Merry Christmas, happy Kwanzaa, happy Hanukkah, and all that mushy stuff to
all you guys! I am happy i can participate with you here, and listen to all
of your experiences, many of which are very amazing to me.

I got some money for Christmas, so i am going to order iboga TA online
today or tomorrow! (Although... considering CerberusExtract.com is
currently down, it looks like it will definitely be tomorrow, if not the
next day.)

The next 6 weeks are going to be hard, since i want to quit cannabis
entirely in preparation from my journey of introspection... not looking
forward to it exceedingly much, but i remind myself that true living in a
sober and clear-minded sense will vastly trump having the ability to make
video games slightly more enthralling or mesmerizing. And i miss seeing a
light in my own face, whereas right now my eyes have that glazed stoner
look that is not very attractive to me at all. Ah well... i am grateful to
my experiences still, since they let me relate to my step-father now, who
is very addicted to the stuff although in the past i used to resent him for
being so thick-skulled. Now i see that it is just an unforeseen effect of
all the weed he has smoked...

Anywho, I am wondering: do you guys have any other tips for somebody who
has a few weeks to lead up to his iboga journey? I am thinking it may be
wise to fast for 4-5 days in preparation for it, but i do not know if it is
best to go into it with an empty stomach. Do you have any thoughts about
that in particular, or about any other advisable strategies to make the
whole experience run as smoothly as possible?
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