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 Danielle,  how nice of you to say all those kinds things.  Actually, on my time of this list (maybe 4 or 5 years) I have never seen such a group of compassionate non wacko people (except a few strays) than are on the list now, maybe it's the added feminine energy, most of the guys have always been here except Sergey and he is a kind soul with lots of right brained energy,  OK, sorry I cannot talk longer~~~~~
Happy New Year to all    STAR
 was going to address my comment to Val and Jeff but really it applies to EVERYONE that's contributed to the conversation on the "I List" (minus the weirdos)...but to all the newbies, the regulars and the old timer's; ?Jim, Junkboy, Sergey, Val B, Star, Isabelle, Sister, Randy, Annette, Chris, Matt, Patrick, Tyler, Eddie, Buddy, Ravegirl, Vector and that's just to name a few. ?This email extends to the MANY AWESOME people in the literal Mindvox forum as well but I'm not sure how many of them get the I List. ?So if your interactive from that end of this "set up" this includes you too :

 I hope you know how impactful?it is that you're willing to share your story. ?Your lives are priceless. ?Your camaraderie?infuses strength. ?Your experiences shed wisdom, and your friendship is life. ?I could not even begin to wrap my mind around the possibility of having a consistent healthy existence that embraces the moment I'm in without looking for an escape hatch if it wasn't for the people on the I list being open to letting me peak into some of the most private and at times painful areas of your life. ??

 My expression of respect and affection is also extended to the tech savvy peeps that don't generally volunteer input since a lot of them have a life that falls outside of the lines of addiction. ?However; I KNOW that you have immense compassion for our struggles as has been demonstrated numerous times through your willingness to provide technology, programs, updates, and "how-to" explanations concerning the most efficient way to navigate and interact in the digital world. ?That's not to mention the numerous times you've reached out through private emails for the purpose of being encouraging and offer your emotional availability. ?

 The one thing that makes being lost in a dark place unbearable is being lost AND alone in the darkness. ?It's because of the grand total of you all that I've been fortunate to not feel that sense of despair and isolation since being here. ?I don't know how I stumbled across such gracious care but I'm glad I did. ?My heart feels full thinking about it and I'm overwhelmed.

 May you ALL (even the voyeurs out there) have a Holiday Season and a New Year ahead; overflowing with blessings, peace, and the things that bear significance in your worlds. ?

 I don't mean to sound cheesy but thank you for being you. ?The genuine nature of the people in this place is what effects the change. ?It's a big deal. ?I think your all great and my heart is with you this Christmas Night!

 Sincerely, genuinely, passionately, and all that other mushy stuff,


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