[Ibogaine] My digital Christmas gift to you people

Jim Hadey3 jimhadey3 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 25 21:11:13 CST 2013

Hi Serg,

Yes this is a great forum with great people that have experience.  If not
for this forum I wounder how my life would be like.  I am pretty sure that
this forum has saved quite a few lives and made many more worth living.
 There are quite a few who have been on 10 years or more.  If not for this
forum I would not of heard about Ibogaine and who know what kind of life I
would be living.

Big thanks to Patrick,

  - JIM

On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 11:04 PM, Sergey Sibirian <sibirianfox at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hey people on mindvox,
> I was thinking how I can express my sympathies,
> and well… since we are on a digital platform,
> my gift will be digital.
> There's a movie that kind of marked me.
> It's called "Mr. Nobody"
> It's really, really, really good.
> Makes you think.
> AND it's not hollywood, although has a big budget.
> I think the people who loved "the scanner darkly"
> will seriously dig "Mr. Nobody".
> I fell in love with this movie, which is a piece of Art
> to me, and wanted to share.
> Also wanted to say I came to appreciate this forum
> and it's habitants and visitors.
> I feel drawn to it every now and then: see how people I know are doing,
> what's new, who's what where…..
> I also feel comfortable and find the people here
> very mature, experienced and civil.
> Ex-addicts are an extremely rare breed!
> :)
> Happy new 2014 year all!
> --
> *Wish you well*
> Sergey
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