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Wow Val...the errowid story is amazing. I laughed when "it was found the subject
Was double dosing" right before Kratom switch. I think it's a temptation to be expected to binge as the Last Hoooooo raaaw..not that one should cave to that but I'm surprised the documentator was shocked.. I cold turkeyed it out of sheer chance. It's not part of my nature to plan things and I think "God" or the "universe" whatever u peeps are comfortable referring to the compelling force of things (I call it "God"), new I needed to be drop kicked
Off that cliff or it wud have NEVER happened. I was in the hospital with my husband for 3 days
without meds so why not take
run it all the way into the homestretch?  There are a million thousand four hundred& 2 reasons "why not". None of which I knew but was soon to get a cram course on. Day 3 is NOTHING but in
Your mind it can't get worse, but that's not true. It's day five that is a visit into pain levels that I found to be intertwined with the word demonic. Anyone is welcome to role their eyes at that description but I doubt anyone who's been there regardless of belief system would argue with that choice of verbage. That's why the"subject" in the Errowid article started freaking out and taking Kratom to an extreme. It perfectly fits the timetable for spiked out pain and anxiety when flushing out methadone. If I had a wider perimeter as my point of reference as far as usage, I would have reached out for whatever I could get my hands on. Since those weren't options I didn't, but if ever there was a vulnerable time for a relapse that would have been it. For sure.
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