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Oh man, you're also doing Bikram Yoga!
My mom in law, she's into that for 20 years now.

To be honest, I've never seen another woman look like her at 55.
Her hands betray she's older the 45, maybe.
But her skin, her face, the absence of any extra fat is just amazing.
She is usually given around 38. 43 was the maximum ever, and was guessed by
a woman.
(you know us guys… Us us about a woman's age and we'll minimize by at least
5 years.
She even wanted to become an instructor, for that she would have had to go
to India, learn from some Guru guy, pay him good $ too…
She didn't go. Yet.
I tell her she absolutely has to.
Just by looking at her people would have all the proof there is as to
the efficiency of this Yoga.


On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 10:34 PM, star ray <earthshealing at hotmail.com>wrote:

> Edward, I tried all of the below you mentioned also,  i got the
> concentrated St. Johns Wort by pacific biological  HY2, i think it was
> called,  made me break out in a rash...  SamE; made me feel great but could
> not sleep a wink; kanna, did nothing, 5 htp; did nothing...I never could
> tolerate any prescribed antidepressant.....mostly my antidepessant these
> days is hot yoga and the tennis court to get the "endorphin rush"  i used
> to sweat it out in the sauna to and run my mouth for hours to people in
> there Danielle!! Then the hot yoga fell in my lap ...Bikram... seven years
> now....
> I have been using lithium Orotate, not to be confused with lithium
> Carbonate, totally different creature:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithium_orotate
> Anyway, who knows if that is doing anything but it helps the body absord
> B-12 which i need for the liver... but the bottom line is what works for
> one person may not work for another, it is a pure 'crapshot" IMHO
> The other think i am looking into is lDN, low dose naltrexone therapy
> (start with 1.5 mg at bedtime).... good for many, many problems, increases
> your own endorphins.... interesting stuff, you can make your own very
> cheaply,  good for autoimmune disorders, ms, hiv, migraines, neurological
> pain (sp)  hep C, and on and on..... you see the problem is arthritic for
> me........
> Oh my gosh, i used to smoke pot back in 1970,  well i had one puff when i
> was withdrawing from valium and it totally 'whacked me out'  i deleted a
> very important email and i could not focus at all... my life would fall
> apart it i smoked pot now a days... hehehehe, but i have to say it took my
> mind off my body although it actually kept me from sleeping or maybe it was
> just the valium withdrawal (total nightmare)
> sorry i have talked so much recently (must be a 'feel good ' window)
> i  just want to find the ONE thing that works for me that is not
> detrimental to my body and spirit so i will keep rolling the dice
> Thanks to all for your moral support,  xoxo  Star
> from post;
> Well said Sergey. It is an interesting debate.
> Although I'm not fully convinced that it is only a placebo effect when
> it comes to SSRI/SNRI's, if it truly is a merely a placebo effect, then
> I will continue to take it, since it seems to be helping for the
> moment. Honestly I could not get the same results with St. John Worts,
> 5-HTP, Kanna or SAMe.
> I certainly would rather be chemical free, but for the moment, it seems
> to help with an emotional state of stability.
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*Wish you well*

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