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Sergie is completely right don't be sorry if you annoy people (which you
probably dont) You are here for You, not anyone else!
And most of us here do care how you are doing, I do.
You cannot answer "fine" someone told me when someone says they are doing
"fine" it really means their feeling Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic, and
Which I can completely relate to.

When I first got on this list and had no idea how to get off opiots and
benzodiazepine ,  I just knew that I wanted nothing more but to get off all
that Shit! The people here helped me with all that. They gave me
informative web sites to help with the benzo withdrawal (my doctor was an
idiot!) and of course helped me reach my goal completely free of opiots.

Get on here and vent all you want, I hope you feel better soon.

Like I said I have not been on here for a while so I wasn't sure, are you
going to do ibogaine to help with the post acute withdrawal?

Lotsof Love, Val
 On Dec 16, 2013 2:40 PM, "Sergey Sibirian" <sibirianfox at gmail.com> wrote:

> Danielle,
> Don't worry much about "the people we annoy".
> I myself have found out through life experience that it's IMPOSSIBLE to
> please
> everyone and in every group there will be somebody who is incompatible
> with my way, or, to put it simply,-doesn't like me.
> Same thing goes to me: I do NOT like everyone and with time I've learned
> that it's
> completely fine that way.
> After all. each individual is unique.
> You are.
> I am.
> He is, she is, they are, lol…
> Wish you well
> Sergey
> On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 10:19 PM, danielle <danielle6175 at sbcglobal.net>wrote:
>> For now...but it has been the HARDEST WHITE KNUCKLE RIDE of my life and
>> it's only physically (my brain and emotions are as messed up as ever). I
>> survived Johns Incredible Pizza BARELY! No one should have to endure a
>> night in that black carnival with a clear head. Every day I think I'm gonna
>> face plant...so I've considered this "list" a lifeline. I can't bring
>> myself to go away (sorry in advance to the people I annoy). With the
>> exception of a little before Thanksgiving I've been a good girl. The lack
>> of sleep has made me kinda insane in a fun way. I just pack my schedule
>> with work and try to stay away from public places (other than the gym)
>> because I'm far too unstable to be trusted around Civilians. I do socially
>> ridiculous things like when the postal lady ask "how I'm doing" I'll
>> actually break into a emotionally charged 1 hour episode full of graphic
>> details of my lifes turmoil. My husband had to gently break it to me that
>> she's just being courteous as required by her job and she doesn't actually
>> want to "know" how I am...especially with a line out the door. I'm not
>> gonna lie, by the time this is all behind me we might have to move due to
>> the amount of social fouls I've commited.
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>>   Hi Danielle,  I have not been on here much and I haven't caught up and
>> read everything. Are you off opiots?
>> Star, your doing great!
>> Val
>> On Dec 15, 2013 7:38 AM, "danielle" <danielle6175 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>>> Hi Star!
>>> Exercise is probably the ONLY reason why I've managed to keep my booty
>>> out of trouble...that and the Sauna.  I spend about 20 minutes in that
>>> thing and it burns 600 calories PLUS I'm able to sleep (somewhat) AND it
>>> feels like all my joints got "oiled".  Also; as I've briefly mentioned
>>> before, the conversations that go on in the locker room are priceless.
>>>  Some people go to the Bar; I go to the gym.
>>> One other thing I've been doing that I know is helping the healing
>>> process is I put about 2 table spoons of Chlorophyll in my water (not to be
>>> confused with chloroform).  This is a pure extract of the Alfalfa plant
>>> with a rich green color to it, so drink your water with a straw when using.
>>>  It absolutely helps with alkalining your body.  I've read here and there
>>> the information on having high acidity levels in your body and I really
>>> believe there is something to that.  I approach most holistic trends with a
>>> healthy skepticism since they can be hugely expensive with no provable
>>> value.  This is not the case with Chlorophyll.  When my body is alkalined
>>> there are huge difference in my level of mental and physical performance
>>> that are very obvious.  Plus my skin, hair, and nails become really strong
>>> and healthy.  One little thing that started happening when I started taking
>>> Chlorophyll (which I thought was funny) was when I'd excercise I noticed if
>>> I accidentally tasted my sweat when licking my lips or whatever that it had
>>> a sweet flavor.  There was no salt taste to it!  (I know that's gross) I
>>> just thought that be a tidbit of fun and useless info...
>>> It's great to hear from you.  I'm glad things are going well!
>>> Danielle
>>> *From:* star ray <earthshealing at hotmail.com>
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>>> *Subject:* [Ibogaine] Matt
>>>  In response to your message Matt,   I agree with you completely on the
>>> tests to measure
>>> Vitamin D,  seems like everyone that gets the test is deficient  these
>>> days, just like everyone
>>> is pre diabetic, I mean really what's that about?? I personally don't
>>> trust these lab tests.
>>> I am so glad you made the statement about depression being cyclical,
>>> that is how it has always been
>>> for me.  Currently I am on Lithium Oratate for depression,google it...
>>> it also helps you absorb vitamin B
>>> and this is suppose to help Hep C.  I have no idea if the LO is helping
>>> or not but I am feeling better but it
>>> could just be that my valium withdrawal is over after 6 months.
>>> I am also taking 3000 mg vitamin D every other day,  just because it
>>> might help and it's to cold to go outside, even in Houston Texas :)
>>> I pray we can all be free of Depression!!!  I cannot take any of those
>>> drugs myself, they all make me
>>> sick... Ibo worked well, I am wondering about Aya, but I just don't
>>> think I can stomach another
>>> strange plant... that's just me.  I will ride it out and work out like a
>>> maniac to increase my endorphins!!
>>> All my love and healing for all,  Star
>>>  know I have some experience with what you are discussing. I
>>> > have researched depression treatments fairly extensively and the
>>> > evidence suggests that whatever you believe will help, actually will
>>> > help. Which further suggests that basically the power of belief (or
>>> > suggestion if you like) can itself overcome depression. SSRI's are
>>> > slightly better than placebo but the slight difference is very likely
>>> > due to the fact that in a double blind trial, people who get the
>>> > actual SSRI know it from the side effects. So knowing they got the
>>> > real drug instead of the placebo gives them the slight "belief boost"
>>> > which makes the SSRI out perform placebo. Knowing all of this, I too
>>> > also still find them effective, or at least I did the last time I was
>>> > on them. But I also know that for me depression is cyclical and that
>>> > literally doing nothing will eventually still result in the depression
>>> > going away in time. But doing nothing is not actually what I do.
>>> > Although you would have to wait for the SSRI's to clear your system I
>>> > am still an advocate for aya for depression. I have also heard it
>>> > does good things for alcoholism. If I had to guess I would say that
>>> > your depression is probably not entirely without connection to your
>>> > inability to control your drinking.
>>> >
>>> > You might also try 1000 or 2000 units of vitamin D a day to see if
>>> > that helps any. You probably know about the correlation between low
>>> > vitamin D and depression although I do have to mention that the way
>>> > they measure what is considered normal for D levels is a bit suspect.
>>> > They changed what the consider a normal range and alls of a sudden
>>> > lots of people are "deficient". Any time something like that happens
>>> > you have to question the entire methodology. Still though, might be
>>> > worth the experiment if it helps you.
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> --
> *Wish you well*
> Sergey
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