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I haven't forgotten about you and your inquisitioning

Happy Holidays to you and people close to you.
All the best

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> Just a little side note about the issue of acidity and withdrawal, of
> course you realize that most of addicts are seriously deficient in vitamins
> and minerals (like cramps is often a sign of magnesium deficiency). An
> alkaline diet is desirable because otherwise the body will do everything to
> keep the balance in the blood. It will extract from any organ that it can
> and hence the deficiencies.
> A plant base diet is ideal and Ibogaine is most likely to address some of
> these deficiencies - in a big way. Sodium bicarbonate is great to reduce
> acidity, some people even claim that it can reverse cancer (which thrives
> in acidic conditions). If you feel up to it, I would recommend juicing
> (especially with vegetables) it’s a great way to reboot your immune system.
> If you are interested in this sort of thing, watch “Fat, Sick and nearly
> Dead”, it’s a great eye opener.
> Cheers to all!
> PS   Anxiety causes oxidative damage and makes your body/blood acidic...
> and so do most prescribed medications, sugar, red meat and dairy, coffee,
> processed foods and alcohol.
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*Wish you well*

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