[Ibogaine] Hi its Val :)

Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 03:45:14 CST 2013

Danielle,  Now that I am filling up my life The more I feel I don't NEED
opiots to be happy.  Its my own choice if I want to go back,  not to say I
haven't wanted, but I feel I can think things clearer now, I believe the
cannabis is almost like a relapse blocker,  It make me think things all the
way through, like if I take 1 Norco "this' Will happen!
Once you are ready you will know, if you ever want to talk pm me,

Lotsof Love, Val

P.S.    How did I find you all?
On Dec 13, 2013 11:44 PM, "danielle" <danielle6175 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Val!  It's great to hear from you...I think you are a "fresh drink of
> water" and it's wonderful how tenderhearted you are to those around you.
>  Unfortunately; I don't remember how I landed here either; but that's sort
> of the story of my life regardless of my extra curricular activities.
>  Maybe a Google search with the key words; "Ibogaine Email List" or
> "Ibogaine at mindvox" would be a good place for your friend to start?
> I was just thinking about how you and the others have forged your way back
> from the dark side.  I've thoroughly enjoyed (and at times agonized)
> learning about the intense stories where one is breaking their chains and
> finding freedom in this brave new world!
> I know communicating online has it's drawbacks but I live 45 minutes away
> from the nearest town so this is my NA.  I am SO THANKFUL for the "regular
> peeps" and the random ones on this list!  I don't think I'll ever try to
> face my "demons" alone now that I've seen what a huge difference it makes
> to have a dynamic group of individuals to share the burden.  I'm awestruck
> at how selfless, and willing to "put themselves out there" the majority of
> everyone here is.
> If there's anything I can do to encourage or help you please just let me
> know!
> All my love,
> Danielle
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> *Subject:* [Ibogaine] Hi its Val :)
> Hey guys, I hope you are all well.
> I haven't been on here because my phone decided not to let me text, I
> broke my laptop, then to top it all off I can't even use my husbands
> computer because I forgot my email password!
> So I have to do everything on this stupid Nook that I hate! And just told
> me I have 15% power left, errrr......
> I am doing very well.
> There is a kid that is in my outpatient program who is there by his own
> will , but is basicaly white knuckling it.
> He NEEDS to be on this list!!! But I dont know how I even got on here? I
> was on xanex and opiots back then.
> How can I direct him here?
> Thanks everyone for all your love and support . I will be on more once I
> figure out what my password is or if somehow I can change it through my
> Nook.
> I am doing GREAT! and staying busy.
> Lotsof Love, Val
> P.S   I miss you guys and gals!
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