[Ibogaine] SSRI/SNRI's after Ibo treatment

Edward W. edwardw at mtciep.com
Thu Dec 12 15:10:12 CST 2013

Hi Tyler,

I am aware of the differences in actions when comparing some of the 
natural anti-depressants and SSRI's.  In my experience, the change in 
mechanism of re-uptake seems to be noticed much faster when compared to 
mechanisms of other natural substances.  The unfortunate part is that 
once ceasing the SSRI, the change in re-uptake is not sustained, 
resulting in the old emotional condition, usually.  In my case it is not 
only the depression that it alleviates but also to an extant, the 
negative obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors.

Personally I've never had much noticeable positive effects from St. 
John's Wort or Melatonin.  In regards to melatonin, it seems to be an 
odd substance, at times helping with sleep and at other times, no effect 
at all.  It was interesting to read what Dr. Shulgin wrote on melatonin:


Thanks for sharing, Tyler

Edward W.

On 12/12/2013 11:30 AM, Tyler Rutland wrote:
> As far as I am aware, "natural anti-depressants" such as St. Johns 
> Wort differ from synthetic forms such as SSRIs in that, while SSRI 
> prevent the re-uptake of serotonin and thereby give the mood a boost 
> through this artificial process, natural forms of anti-depressants do 
> not do this. Instead, it is my understanding that they nourish the 
> pineal gland somewhat, which is the central gland that produces 
> melatonin, making it therefore responsible for our 
> concsciousness-related evolution.
> Melatonin produces easement from stress and tension in the mind, and 
> seems to allow a very mild, dreamlike kind of perception that is 
> easily associated with enjoyment of life - although it is perhaps more 
> accurate to call this state "meditative" instead. So, by nourishing 
> this gland and increasing its output of melatonin, the consciousness 
> is able to slip into a relaxed, meditative state with greater ease, 
> where it then becomes easier to work on the thoughts in a constructive 
> manner. But then it is up to the thoughts and feelings to determine 
> whether a positive or negative mood is created, since melatonin by 
> itself is neither a "feel-good" nor a "feel-bad" hormone, although 
> certainly it is easier to feel relaxed and poised when it is present 
> in the body, so this naturally can produce "feel-good" states with 
> greater ease.
> I have not tried iboga yet (but I am tentatively planning to do so 
> next month, and I cannot wait!!!), but based on this observation, it 
> is my estimation that St. Johns Wort will be more helpful than SSRIs 
> in the long run. This is because, even though it does not force the 
> mood to elevate, as is the case with SSRIs, anything that nourishes 
> the pineal gland will allow the individual to naturally elevate their 
> mood using their own self-generated impulses and evolution-based work. 
> And since iboga, I am told, repairs a damaged psyche, activates the 
> pineal gland, and stabilizes the personality, then it is proceeds 
> logically that a nourished pineal gland will work very well in synergy 
> with iboga - perhaps even helping to prolong the afterglow effect. By 
> contrast, SSRIs are only a tool to force the mood to elevate, so 
> little to no consciousness-related progress is made when they are used 
> since they produce no calm, meditative state - which, of course, is 
> why people revert back to their old depressed form once SSRIs are 
> discontinued.
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