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Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 05:54:26 CST 2013

         Mom's RULE!! I am such a momma's boy but I don't care. There is
just no replacement for motherly love. I'll just put it this way, when I
saw and heard my son crying and then his mother's breasts start leaking
from the hormone flow she got from hearing it I was completely and utterly
amazed and transfixed by it. It is just plain nature's way for a mother to
love, protect, and do anything she can for her child. Fathers feel this way
too by the way but it is more of a learned thing.

         My mother turned me on to Ibogaine too. My brother was reading
Scientific American and saw an Ibo article so he told my mother about it.
She laid it on me in such a subtle way that I didn't realize at the time
she was convinced that it would work. She knew better then to shove the
info at me and say you have to do this. She kind of showed me the article
and then told me how to use the mouse to scroll (2003 and I couldn't 'puter
very well) and walked away. Kind of like a mother cat does when she brings
the live mouse back to the nest and meows LEARN! I read the article and
said, "no way there is a drug like that, I would know about it", but it
hooked me in.

           I learned about computers and Ibogaine that day and it changed
my life. I'm tellin' ya Mom's RULE! If there is ever anything I can do to
help you with your son let me know. Can he read the list?

                 Peace Love and Parenthood

On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 2:27 PM, danielle yates
<danielle6175 at sbcglobal.net>wrote:

> Hi Linda!  I have nothing educational to offer as I'm a student in all
> this as well but; from Mother to Mother I promise you're in good hands with
> the range of experience here.  Your doing a good thing for your son.  I
> know it doesn't make sense why you can't love your child through this, and
> why the tough love of lock-ups have been futile, and long heart-to-hearts
> are useless...I'm sure he hates himself for how completely bowed to his
> compulsions he is no matter who gets hurt or what it takes.  THIS offers a
> whole new perspective that offers a lot more hope not to mention a solid
> means of support!
> @ Sergey I want it RIGHT NOW TOOOOOO FOR F*&^%SAKE (I think that's gonna
> be my new "word"...it has a smooth delivery)!!!!  I feel like everyday I'm
> conducting a warped experiment on how much I can handle before I swan dive
> off the deep end.  So I've been living in 10 minute intervals.  I'm going
> to behave for the next 10 minutes...then the next (I know it's sort of
> pathetic).  I have to wait for my Husband to wrap his head around this
> option.  He just about gave birth to a cow when I told him about all this.
>  Which actually surprised me because I have suggested far more extreme and
> bazaar things for pure recreational purposes (not involving drugs).  In his
> words what I'm asking to do is "Take a illegal drug that I don't know who
> it's from or how it's made, administered by strangers that may or may not
> be qualified to sufficiently monitor me, that's going to send me on a 5 day
> mental, emotional, and physical trip, 1 of those days possibly involving
> hallucinations, and after all that it could kill me."  I feel he over
> simplified and cherry picked the process but he has to forge his way
> through the info on his own.  He'll come around but until then I'm in limbo
> too.
> @ Val I miss you!  I know your doing all this really great stuff for your
> life and I'm incredibly excited for you but your absence is noted. XOXO
> @ Annette; CHECK IN!!!  I worry...How did yesterday go??
> @ Junkboy; I think I'm gonna give my Husband the green light on picking up
> some Quads for Christmas.  He's REALLY into all that 4-wheeling Dirt Bike
> stuff and I started learning a couple years ago.  You are right about the
> rush that is.  I don't know about your experience but I feel like I've
> grown horns since I've been doing this whole "thing" I'm trying.  Really;
> it's like I need to feed some type of need for adrenaline or I find
> mischief.  Not like "drugs" but just stupid things like tripping the 6 year
> old kid sprinting down the grocery aisle without it's parent, or driving
> too fast toward a busy Crosswalk just to get a reaction, or picking a fight
> with the head of the Parent/Teacher Committee because for some reason that
> has no legitimate explanation I want to claw her eye's out.  I feel like a
> hell bent teenager!  So; I remembered what you had said about how you feel
> when you ride and we'd been thinking of getting back into that anyway so ya
> know...I think we'll try it.  I figure it's a healthier outlet that getting
> a felony on my record just because I'm bored.  : )  Isn't Sand Mountain
> Season right around the corner?
> Alright; I'm off to the gym to get this restless energy out of my system.
> Have a good day people!
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