[Ibogaine] 18-mc Clinical Trials

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Tue Dec 10 17:58:46 CST 2013

OH THANK GOD ANNETTE!!  I mean; it sucks about the 18-MC trials ESPECIALLY since I gave the Hurst CEO a 2 hour power point presentation on why I am the worlds WORST & BEST addict for his drug trial.  
See; it goes to show...men are men.  We should of just offered the dude a blow job.  Problem solved and everyone's happy!  JUST KIDDING (not really though).
Don't panic about the Methadone...how much are you taking a day?  We can all compare our game plans and then when you taper down to practically nothing...either Kratom (which I know nothing about) or you can fake an injury (depending on your acting skills) and get some short acting opiates.  BUT in my humble but honest and usually right opinion your tolerance will be THROUGH THE ROOF so when you take the high powered opiates your psychologically waiting for that warm, wonderful, tip top of forehead tingly slow luscious rush of everything completely sensational to flow down your frantic, seizing, shaky body (sorry if I reminisced a little); THAT WON'T HAPPEN.  
It will be HUMAN for you to WANT THAT.  Which mean you'll up the dosage of the short acting what-not's thinking you'll only do it once AND THEN your going to plow through your supply long before your allowed more AND THEN you're really fucked.  In other words it's really easy to accidentally against your will relapse because the devil made you do it for FUCKSAKE (like how I slipped that in?)...BUT now you really have ZERO options except to face the shit storm like the bad ass beautiful beeeeeiiiiitch that you are and go to Kratom or Tramadol while you forge your way through the kind of Hell there are no words invented to describe...  Not that I'm speaking from experience.  I'm just guessing here (but seriously).
My point is DON'T PANIC...many before us have somehow done this and we'll just learn from their experience.
Okay; I gotta go make dinner.  I'm SO SO SO happy your okay. I was worried!  I mean we can't give up.  We've come this far!   
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