[Ibogaine] how do I get friends validated inside MindVox?

Jeff G jeffgallop at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 09:39:47 CST 2013

What did your missing post say...
Then we can tell you if it showed up.
On Dec 4, 2013 7:13 AM, "Valarie" <val.needis at gmail.com> wrote:

> I created a new post on Monday night and it still hasn't posted.
> So I re-sent it last night and it still has not posted.
> I double checked my email, it shows I sent it right.
> Is this happening to anyone else?
> <3 Val
> On Dec 3, 2013 3:22 PM, "Vector Vector" <vector620022002 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Ok duh I missed invite friends the first 15 times it got mentioned ;-)
>> Thanks, that clarified a lot.
>> --------------------------------------------
>> On Mon, 12/2/13, Patrick K. Kroupa <digital at phantom.com> wrote:
>>  Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] how do I get friends validated inside MindVox?
>>  To: "The Ibogaine List" <ibogaine at mindvox.com>
>>  Date: Monday, December 2, 2013, 5:02 PM
>>  On Dec 2, 2013, at 12:32 PM, Vector Vector <vector620022002 at yahoo.com>
>>  wrote:
>>  [...]
>>  > you have validated at least 250 people, looking at
>>  what’s being posted at least 2/3rds of them are not
>>  ibogaine people at all,
>>  Well ... MindVox isn't the ibogaine list; it's not really
>>  our primary focus, as has been mentioned about 101 times
>>  ...  ibogaine falls under the auspices of one of my
>>  weird hobbies that's tolerated, but it's really not why
>>  anybody else who's part of MindVox Corp is working on our
>>  project.
>>  We will continue running the list.  We will continue
>>  supporting ibogaine within the system and provide forums and
>>  resources.  We have never monetized ibogaine, our
>>  expectations moving forward are that ibogaine will be
>>  responsible for 0% of our bottom line, thus, it's not really
>>  that urgent to anybody else.
>>  > I hope I covered everything. #1, whether you personally
>>  find it deeply important and I'm guessing not, you are the
>>  only "living" site that ranks on page 1 of google.
>>  Everything else in there is a historical site which has been
>>  shut down or sees updates once every 5 years. You're
>>  accepting logins but not validating them. Could you guys
>>  please fix.
>>  We're in alpha, moving towards perpetual beta.  A lot
>>  of code has changed recently, more people have been
>>  validated to test the system and catch any problems we've
>>  missed.  The people who are inside right now are either
>>  friends, have received invitations, or they are entirely
>>  self-selected.
>>  When people register and request accounts, and then write a
>>  message that's 15 pages long and basically includes their
>>  entire life history, "...and my mom, my nephew, and then
>>  when I was 12 I was followed home by a vicodin, and after
>>  this..." does anybody carefully read all of this, well,
>>  no... it's too long and we lack the time, but obviously it's
>>  important for you to be inside, so b'okay then, account
>>  activated.
>>  That's it.  That covers all the new people who are
>>  activated and had no special invites; they invited
>>  themselves and let us know why it's important for them to be
>>  inside.  Okay, we feel ya, so's, welcome, you're
>>  validated.
>>  > #2 how do I invite people and get them validated. I do
>>  not understand your criteria for who gets validated, there
>>  are total noobs inside who saw ibogaine on homeland
>>  arriving, but you haven't validated anybody I have told to
>>  login.
>>  Read above, plus, also, d00d... this question has been
>>  answered about 5 times inside the system.  Generate an
>>  invite code and send it to the people you wanna
>>  invite.  Hit your profile page, and select >>
>>  Invite Friends.  That's it.  This places the
>>  account into a completely separate queue from the main
>>  registrations, and gets it activated within 24 hours.
>>  YOU have the power to do that, you don't need any special
>>  action on our part.
>>  Here's the latest instance of this exact question, being
>>  answered, yet another time: http://www.mindvox.com/pg/post/7434
>>  Every account that's validated right now can invite up to 10
>>  additional people.
>>  > #3 will the ibogaine conferences be readable from
>>  outside MindVox, you said you were working on this, you got
>>  it working for blogs and pix about 10 days ago, when the
>>  forums?
>>  We're running as a semi-permeable walled garden.  The
>>  default for EVERYTHING is running in paranoid mode.
>>  Everything inside MindVox, stays inside MindVox and does not
>>  index, UNLESS *you* understand what is happening, and YOU
>>  take a specific series of actions to enable indexing of your
>>  content by changing your privacy settings, so Google and
>>  other search engines pick it up.
>>  The code enabling this for individual users was finished
>>  about 2 weeks ago, the code to allow this for Forums is
>>  almost done, the main remaining problem is somehow visually
>>  indicating the state of a Forum so that people who post to
>>  it, have awareness that IT IS AN OPEN FORUM which is WORLD
>>  READABLE.  There are additional variables, because,
>>  what happens when a person who wants all their shit to
>>  remain inside MindVox only, posts to an open forum?  We
>>  have to filter it, go down the list of participants in any
>>  given thread, and then nonexist content from the people who
>>  don't want their replies to index out.
>>  All of this is a response to years and years and years of
>>  hysterical email from people, which could all be summed up
>>  as: "OMFG, I just posted a bunch of crazy shit using my real
>>  name and sent out to everybody on the list!@#!@!!  Can
>>  you plZ undo that!?!?!?"
>>  To which the answer is-
>>  [1]: No, no we can't.  It is a public email list,
>>  anybody can sign up for it, this is how you found it in the
>>  first place.  You read all the BOLD RED LETTERS telling
>>  you this, then clicked okay, then you validated your account
>>  and indicated you understood all of this, and then you want
>>  ahead and did something silly anyway.  Sorry, we can't
>>  undo it.  We do not store your name, we have no idea
>>  what the fuck it even is, the list  just takes that
>>  information from however you have set up your email headers;
>>  we cannot reach out into everybody's mailbox and remove the
>>  shit you wish you hand't sent.  Sorry, but it's all
>>  you.
>>  plus, also,
>>  [2]: We're not your secretary.  You took it upon
>>  yourself to do all this.  You read the warnings, you
>>  said you understood what's happening, then you went ahead
>>  and posted whatever you posted and now somebody else who is
>>  not getting paid for their time is supposed to try and undo
>>  whatever bullshit you did.
>>  It's an email list, deal with it.  It works pretty much
>>  the same way as every other email list.
>>  MindVox is a lot different.  You can change what name
>>  is visible inside, you can delete your content, because it's
>>  your content stored in an SQL dbase, not sent out into
>>  people's email.  Your personal email address is NOT
>>  visible to anybody, unless you specifically take an action
>>  to make it visible.  Nobody knows who you are, unless
>>  you specifically go out of your way to let them know.
>>  Your choices.  What's happening, is just a lot more
>>  obvious, and under YOUR control.
>>  There's one caveat to all of the above: if people have email
>>  notifications going, or saved searches, RSS or push
>>  notifications, where the system is mailing them all content
>>  related to, for instance, "ibogaine" then you can't delete
>>  that either, because the mail system sends it out the moment
>>  you hit [SEND/POST].  Then it sends an update that this
>>  content was deleted or edited, but we cannot reach into
>>  people's email and destroy the content you wish you hadn't
>>  posted.  Welcome to teh int3rnetZ!@#!1!
>>  One additional note would be: even when your content is
>>  immediately sent out due to the way individual users have
>>  configured their notifications- it still does not include
>>  your email address, and just uses whatever name you have
>>  chosen to make publicly visible.  Some of your privacy
>>  is maintained even if you have no idea what you're doing.
>>  Anyhoo, alpha will hit Perpetual Beta, sometime around
>>  Christmas when everybody has a lot more time to focus on the
>>  codebase.  It's pretty much 98% of the way there as you
>>  can see from the inside.
>>  To recap: to invite your friends, hit Profile >>
>>  Invite Friends.  To register, just hit the front of the
>>  site @ MindVox.com and do that.  If it's
>>  super-important that you participate RighT n0w, let us
>>  know.  That's it.
>>  All the best,
>>  Patrick
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