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Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 01:01:49 CST 2013

Your post went through,  for some reason it is labeled under volume #
something. So I just started this thread with your name on it so it won't
be so confusing you can just write off this thread and introduce yourself.
When you would like to make your own thread just post it TO: The Ibogaine
list, don't forget to write something in the subject spot, if you didn't
maybe that's why it posted as a volume #?
Also, I'm not sure if this happens to everyone but when I start a new
thread (send my own email to the list) it does not show up till the next
day sometimes. For example I am writing this Tuesday at 11pm , we will see
when it actually post, but it immediately post if I am writing on an
existing thread.
I hope this helps.
I look forward to your post.

Lotsof Love, Val
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