[Ibogaine] Transitions | Unethical “Undergroun d” Ibogaine Detox Treatment Ce nters

Sara Glatt sara119 at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 15 10:05:09 EST 2012

>POOR PROVIDER=relative. who is telling? what were their exceptions?

most people read about the risks and ask around before choosing a provider. people are well aware of the tests they
should do before taking the treatment, and hey guess what? I also refuse to treat some people.

people are not all Gandi and research is manipulated to be able to make money, there is no news under the sun.

It would be a wonderful idea to share info. that is when people would be living without pretending, Loving without
depending, listening  without defending, Speaking without offending...

 You know'.'     I might have to back track a bit.  I do think that this is the place and a few others that one should
> share bad experiences of poor providers.
> I guess what I was trying to say (though poorly) is that to come on here and trash someone without the information of
> what went wrong just bothers me.
> I do not know the person Beau.  I did not see what went wrong.  All I could read was that something went wrong and
> Beau is claiming to have medical experience.
> We are working with a plant that our government will not allow the US to do any research on (or make it public) so
> some trial and error will happen.  We all know there are some risk to using this plant for Addiction.  Stuff will
> happen.  I just think it would serve  us all better to know what went wrong.   Just to say that he had to go to the
> hospital is so little.  It could of been that he went straight from Methadone\sub to iboga.   It could be that he was
> not prepared for the lethargy that happens to those who choose this route.  OR is could be that he didn't  receive the
> amt of medicine that was needed.  So much unsaid.  I am not asking for the persons name or address.. just more
> information.  It that asking for too much.   Not like we can take that info and figure out who had the treatment.
> I think its so sad that we cant come here or somewhere and share with everyone when things do go south without the
> fear of being labeled as a poor provider.  So much disinformation comes to this board.  So much we all need to learn
> about this plant.
>   I once had a person that I treated who was treated by another provider first.   This fellow was told that ''if it
> didn't work, he could get another tx free of charge".   Well hearing this the addict stayed clean for three days..
> as soon as he returned home he began shooting dope again.  I was called in to help.  I ask this guy why the
> treatment didn't  work... he knew that it did but was just not ready.  This fellow had a  seizure during his
> treatment with me.  I was lucky enough to have had a IV valium ready and he did not need to be taken to the ER.  Why
> I am sharing this is I should have been able to come here,  share what happen and how I treated him which didn't
> need ER visit.  Many non-medical providers could have learned from this.  Thus being a better provider and maybe
> saving a life.  But to tell the truth, I was fearful to share this here.  In fear that I would be labeled a poor
> provider due to the gentleman having a seizure.  This gentleman was told and allowed to drink up to his treatment...
> from what he shared with me his provider drank etoh thru out the treatment also. I am aware of another provider who
> I have great respect for as a provider.  This person was under the impression that three days from etoh was enough
> time to give a safe treatment.. so not true.  If I felt comfortable sharing my story maybe this provider could of
> learn by my experience and the client would NOT have had the seizure.  Get my point?  I do know there are poor
> providers out there.  I do know that many  are in this for the Money only.  So yes... those providers need to
> stopped or at the least warn others about them.
> So... my post did not say what I was trying to get across.  Its not that I don't think that poor providers need to be
> called out... just the opposite.  But I also know that a lot of trashing goes on here and by phone by a few providers.
>  These folks tell such whoppers it nearly funny.  I have had clients call me after talking to WELL KNOWN provider who
> told such BIG whoppers of lies on other providers just to secure that client.  Now we hear that this provider has had
> a relapse ...... for me this is no excuse for his behavior.  So I am a bit skeptical when it comes to trashing a
> provider.  I heard the lies that this certain provider was spreading.  Actually said that when the client dies the
> body parts are sold to the black market.
> SO... I hope this clarifies what I was trying to say.  NOT that I don't want those that have a poor experience, or
> ripped off, or treated by someone who cares less about ones safety.  I just would like to see some constructive
> criticism.  Not that one has bad breath or poor body oder, felt horrible, needed to be hospitalize, but actual
> information that we can all learn from.  IF someone is out there ripping off clients.. YES PLS POST IT and share how
> he ripped you off.  Others can learn from this.  The poor addict in active addiction will learn what to look for when
> searching for a provider.  Maybe it could save a life.
> So... to those I pissed off or stepped on... I hope this clarifies.
> I am about to be a part of a treatment that I will get the opportunity to watch a Heart monitor during the whole
> process.  I expect to learn a hell of a lot by this.  I would love to be able to share the info I might learn.  To
> tell the truth... I fear doing this.  I fear that those providers that think I might take a client from them will
> trash me, use the info to get me in trouble.   Now that I am able to treat clients in a country that I don't have to
> fear my own government .... I want so badly to share what I have learned.  Cant due to fear of these nasty providers
> that feel there are three to many providers offering this treatment will post a public lie about me.
> I am not saying that I am the best provider out there... that I am sure is far from the truth.  I am saying that I
> might be of some use\help to other providers due to my ER work experience.    I wish I could of stayed in the USA and
> offered this treatment to those in need.  I wish I could share openly on this forum what I see on the EKG during the
> clients treatment.  I wish I could share how to treat a seizure that may not require hospitalization.   I wish I could
> openly help those providers who cant read a EKG.  I wish, I wish I wish.  Wishing wont make it happen.
> SO... that all.  I was not trying stop valid information from being posted.   I just would like to hear more then what
> was posted.  All I learn from the complaint was  that Beau is claiming to be in the medical field when in fact he is
> not.  I want to know what went wrong, what can we  all learn from the experience.
> I dont think that every treatment needs a MD present.  I do see a need at times for some.  There have been inquires
> about a tx and when I saw the lab work\ekg I told the client that I was not the best provider for him.  It would be to
> his benefit to pay the 7500 for a MD to be present. I also dont think a RN needs to be present in every treatment.
> For some... maybe it would be wise.  For others.. it probably is safe to DIY.  BUt with the lack of info avail I do
> hear of many diy that could of been better if they did have a experience provider avail.   I have seen providers  come
> here in a panic wanting info while the treatment is in progress... now that is sad, depending on the NET to come to
> ones rescue when things go south..or if things go south.  I know for myself and my treatment if I had more info that
> my first tx may have been more successful.  I wish we just could trust and work together....  that is all I wanted to
> get across but wrote my post in hast and my true thoughts were not expanded upon.
> So for the person who had a bad experience... I am truly sorry.
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>> Transitions | Unethical “Undergroun
>> d” Ibogaine Detox Treatment Centers
>> there is a lot of wrong info. on the internet,which does not give
>> credits to the spirit of the Iboga plant.
>> the are medical Doctors who are giving to people much to small amount of Ibogaine
>> and after 36 hours are finished and they are still in withdrawals, they would get
>> some of their money back after being told that the Ibogaine treatment did not work for them.
>> that a person is a Doctor does not mean he cares more about the addict.
>> the warning should be sign up with their name and tel. no.
>> "a jungle" is the Catholic church? the school system? the health system?
>> the political system? the banking system? the law system?the economical system? the ecological system? the solar
>> system?
>>  and the lies of the media and of those who want us to believe they KNOW better.
>> life is a transformation of energy which is not in human control. you can learn to have more awareness of your body
>> and soul and gain some control on your Qi level, health needs.
>> discrediting people without knowing the facts first hand is bullshit!
>> Sara
>> People in other parts of the world have to make choices based on
>>> published information.  If the users in forums like this are unwilling
>>> to criticise anybody, or consider gross misrepresentation not a
>>> problem, how will anybody be able to make valid judgements.  It seems
>>> like some people like it to be a jungle.  Like on the streets.  If
>>> something went wrong - "Hey, you should have checked it out. That's
>>> your screw-up.  Fuck you."  But how does a junkie check things out if
>>> not through forums like this.  To me the warning is plain and direct.
>>> It describes exactly how the person concerned was let down.  It does
>>> not guess.  It provides information that is known to the complainer.
>>> Transitions may well help some people, but they lie about what they
>>> are and are uncaring. That warning is what I want to read.  There is
>>> no question that there are dangerously inept people working as
>>> ibogaine providers as in any field.  If you want it to get better you
>>> try to weed the bad people out.  If you knew a dealer was selling crap
>>> product wouldn't you tell your friends?  Some of the abuse here sounds
>>> exactly like bent cops bleating "We're the good guys.  Why shit on us.
>>> Sure some of us bend the law a bit, but we're still the good guys.
>>> What does it matter if we bash some junkie scumbag?  We're still the
>>> good guys.  Leave us alone.  And anyway, he was asking to be bashed.
>>> He's a junkie."    There is plenty of information in the warning.  The
>>> fact that every detail is not spelled out is irrelevant.  They had
>>> enough information to know that something is very wrong and they gave
>>> a warning on that basis. Also, Transitions misrepresented itself as
>>> having an association with them via one of their doctors.  Obviously
>>> they need to protect the reputation of the doctor and of their
>>> facility.  It's not their role to investigate further.
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