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If you read it twice it should've been clear that the post wasn't authored
by a "client" but by another clinic who received a call from the patient's
wife asking for advice. Why would you expect this clinic to know what went
wrong at Transitions? And what in the post led you to believe the "patient"
was looking for an inexpensive treatment? I believe Transitions charges
$7500 per treatment, that doesn't seem cheap. Why would you consider the
post slanderous?

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 5:15 AM, sister <sistereboga at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I had to read this article twice and still got nothing.  For all I know
> the guy didn't like the food?  More information would of been helpful.
>  Nothing is said other then this guy is not in the Medical field?  So what
> happen that was terribly wrong?   Did he have a heart attack, resp.
> problems?  what?  did he just feel lethargy or never been thru wd before
> and has no idea what he did get?
> All I got from this article is that This Beau guy is not in the medical
> field.  Something went wrong  but not willing to share what it was?  So
> much NOT said.  What I don't understand is why post such a negative article
> without anything of substance other then this guy is not working with Solo?
>  For all I know Dr Solo wrote this himself and just angry that another
> client got by him without paying 7500 to the doctor.
> I am not saying the Doctor does not have the right to charge whatever he
> wants.  After all one does not go to medical school all those yrs to make
> minimal wage.  But really... what went wrong, what happen,  WHy did this
> guy need to go to the hospital?  IT says nothing but slander in my eyes.
> I do think that someone in the medical field needs to be present during
> the experience.  After all, the sooner one recognizes that someone is not
> compensating well, the sooner one acts the better the chances for the
> client.  For all I know this person came to Iboga straight from Methadone
> or suboxone, or lied to the provider about pass hx, lied about what meds he
> was on.  Just no way to tell since so little was told of WHAT happen.  So I
> think the article is crap.
> We all have our choices to make.  NO one puts a gun to your head to
> participate in this experience.  NO one held a gun to this persons head
> saying " NO, you cant pay 7000 in stead of 3000 to a Non medical, non MD."
>  If its important that a MD be present then pay for it.  Your choice.
> Also when one treats in MX, it is not underground.  I have heard some
> terrible stories but no proof that it ever really happen.  I have heard
> that providers are cutting benzo doses in half and claiming that Iboga will
> take one thru Benzo detox safely.  I have heard that there are providers
> doing dope or addicted themselves as they provide after care to clients or
> worse providing tx themselves.  BUt have I seen this... NOPE.  I have even
> heard that there are providers out there that sell body parts to the black
> market when addicts die.  THat one really made me giggle.  I have been told
> by pass clients that there are folks out there in the UG that are willing
> to treat three at once.... really, how can you watch three at once?
> I have seen clients come to Iboga and walk away gaining wt the first week
> after they receive this treatment, no WD symptoms but because they didn't
> walk away feeling like they did pre addiction say it didn't work.  Forget
> the fact that the addiction began 30yrs prior.  Some actually think they
> are gonna feel like they are in their 20s when the spend from 20 to 50yrs
> of age doing dope going from the couch to chair for 30ys?   So again...
> what information did this article give anyone other then Beau is not in the
> Medical field?  Most providers I know are not in the Medical field.  I
> don't think Sarah is a RN or LPN but I do believe she offers a safe and
> complete treatment.  Not that I went there but so many have.  I have had
> clients lie to me about their hx... not mentioning that they are on
> Tegrotal or dilantin for a life time condition of seizures..fear it would
> knock them out of the treatment but then complain ......really folks, we
> are working with a group of folks that honesty is something that has been
> lost.  I for one did not mention to Rocky that I had MS in fear it would
> knock me out of the running.
> It is so important to talk\research the provider you choose.  Ask what
> they did\do for a living prior and what medical training they may or may
> not have.  Be sure that MONEY is not why you choose them but you choose
> them because you feel safe, they know what they are doing, talk to others
> they  have treated.  IF someone claims to be a RN, Lpn, practitioner, MD,
> mid wife or what ever google them, be sure they actually have a Medical
> license, where they attended Collage.  So easy to do.  Every one that has
> ever had or have a license it so easy to find on the net.  IF its not there
> then I bet they don't have it and never has had it.  I know that anyone can
> look up my credentials.  I have given my RN license number out for them to
> look up on the net.  I went two yrs pre medical... that did not make me a
> MD or even close to one.
> I am not saying the only quantified providers are in the medical field.  I
> have worked with MDs that I would not let swab my dogs throat, Nurses that
> miss the boat when it comes to any assessment skills.  I have heard folks
> that went to one semester and claim to be in the medical field.    I have
> read on this forum those that are providing and not know how to treat a low
> bld pressure or even what a resting BP\heart rate looks like. I also know
> that there are "clinics" that don't have a medical person with\in two miles
> of the clinic when the actual treatment is taken place but claim to have
> MDs working for the place.  The word CLinic does not mean what we are use
> to in the good ole USA.  That word is use very loosely.  That word does not
> mean a medical environment.  For me.. when I went for my treatment I could
> of cared less if I saw a MD.  I could of cared less that my providers had
> no medical background.  What I did expect was that my provider not be
> addicted to dope themselves.  Provide me with the safest they were able.  I
> could of care less if I died during the treatment, It would of been more
> humane then the slow death I was experiencing at my own hand.  I paid for
> my after care.  Sasha and Jessica were my aftercare providers and I was
> very well taken care of.  Sasha really stepped up to the plate when it came
> to food, Jessica was very in tune to my depression and gave me the time I
> needed to voice it.  Rocky, Mary and Christ checked my BP more then I felt
> it was needed but they knew more then I did at the time... I felt very safe
> during my process for sure.  I paid for it, it wasn't free.  It was my own
> fault that I didn't get boosters, I didn't do enough research.
> So to those looking for a qualified provider... do your research.  Ask for
> numbers of those that they have treated.  Talk to more then one.  I can
> write a beautiful testimony on how Sister treated me... even if I am
> Sister.  LOL  get the picture?  That old saying "you get what you pay for"
> I find so true.  I feel I did pay the price for a real clinic, a MD present
> but even without all of that I did walk away knowing that I had a chance to
> remain clean, if I choose too.  I still had a lot of work to do to help
> myself feel better.  I had severe lethargy, chills/sweats and depression.
>  I had to do the work myself to get thru this stage.  Iboga did not make me
> grow up overnight either.  Another thing I had to work thru.
> So... that article told me shit.  Told me that the person went for the
> cheapest he/she could find and wanted Iboga to fix everything as many of us
> addicts do.  As addicts, we blame others for our choices, we want to take
> every shortcut there is avail.  We do NOT want to suffer emotional or
> physical discomforts.  I know this because I am a Addict and every addict I
> ever met has the same qualities.
> To me... that article sounds like a disgruntle client.  Went for the
> cheapest tx he could find then not happy with the outcome.  For all I know
> this person expected to feel how he did before his addiction began that
> could of been 30yrs prior.  Never been thru CT or even a slow wean of his
> dope.  Has no idea what being dope sick feels like.  I am not taken up for
> thie Beau either.  I don't know, never met nor have I done any research on
> him.  Could be a person that had no intention of getting clean but only
> wanted to lower his tolerance so they could continue to dope on for less
> money.  I see the article as pure slander.
> Sent by someone who missed way too many English classes.
> On Jan 12, 2012, at 9:28 PM, Emma Sachs <emma04406 at gmail.com> wrote:
> not the first bogus provider and it won't be the last. I had a horrible
> experience on Mexico.
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