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David Ray trees.and.rain at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 20:44:56 EST 2012

Donny, to give a bit of understanding.  Opioids (heroin type drugs)
work because they connect chemically to a group of 3 neuron receptors
in the brain (there are more than this but these are the main ones).
The chemicals that connect are in two main groups called agonists
(activators) and antagonists (blockers).  Amongst the agonists (like
heroin morphine etc) there are some called competitive and some called
non-competitive.  Heroin and morphine are non-competitive, meaning
that you can take one, then the other will add to the effect if taken.
 Nor-ibogaine, the active component of ibogaine HCL is
non-competitive, so it increases the effect of other opiates.  Subutex
is a competitive agonist/antagonist.  It is a bit active, but it also
blocks the receptors so that other drugs won't work. This means that
it actively works against ibo.  But it is relatively short acting.  In
a month or less it is completely gone from your system, at which point
the MScontin or whatever you've replaced it with is all that you have
to deal with.  Which means that ibo has the maximum probability of
success.  Other factors for you to consider, however, are that you are
already on a dose of subutex that is lower than many people could
tolerate.  Many people at that level would be already feeling like
crap.  That means you're already going well if you're feeling okay at
that level.  A lot of people step off subutex at that level without
major consequences.  It might be worth your while reducing and
quitting the subutex and see what happens.  If it is too painful, then
go onto the MSContin, get yourself stabilised and then give the ibo a
go. Ibo is a dangerous drug and not to be taken lightly, though, so
don't use it if you don't need it. You really are in a great position
to get clean.  Some psychological support of whatever kind you can
find and works for you would be really useful.  And if you go the ibo
route you should get an experienced provider.  Even if you're young
and healthy you really need someone reliable and experienced to look
after you.  Also, many people relapse many times before getting clean,
so don't beat yourself up if that happens.  You learn a bit more each
time.  Good luck.

On 08/01/2012, Mikki Lynne <xxmikkixx at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Chris, thanks for sharing that. I've heard a few people who have gotten
> off subs that way. I am curious, though, what was your tapering schedule
> like? Mainly wondering after about 1-2mg, how long did you wait to decrease
> the dose, and did you stretch the dose out to every other day at the end? Or
> just step off the .5mg after a while? I think iboga is an excellent way to
> kick start a new life after tapering off subs. I just couldn't get myself
> lower than 2mg.. But then again I was working a very physically demanding
> job at the time and it wore off more quickly anyway. Thanks!
> M
> On Jan 6, 2012, at 7:09 PM, Chris McMurtry <lenanchris at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I was on Suboxone for 4 years, 8 mg, before that methadone and heroin one
>> or the other for ten years, and I got off suboxne by breaking pieces down
>> slowly to less then 500 mcg (a 16th of an 8mg pill) and I had almost no
>> symptoms at all. State of mind is VERY important. If you are getting those
>> kinds of cravings and thoughts, Ibogaine might be just for you. Remember,
>> it's not just a detox agent, it is a powerful entheogen and visionary
>> hallucinogen. This means you will also be able to get insight into your
>> own psychology as relates to your addicition. Thats the hope anyway.. You
>> can do this.. You really can..
>> On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 10:15 AM, Gary Bryan <gary_bryan at blueyonder.co.uk>
>> wrote:
>> It took away 100% of my acute wd's .. for maybe 24-36 hours.. I was in
>> full wd before i took it and an hour i was fine.. (just tripping :) after
>> that they slowly crept back in but by taking the TA and RB I had left It
>> was controllable to probabyl 80-90% of how bad it would have been
>> without.. just sneezing and lethargic.. nothing compared with coming off
>> 60mg methadone cold..
>> On 6 January 2012 16:10, junkboy <junkboy64 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> i found that with sub there was a point that i couldnt go any lower... my
>> point was 2mg.. i COULNT go lower... panic would set in and i would do
>> anything to get my drugs.. anway, if you want ibogaine to do 95% of the
>> work or not do it at all, it doesnt sound like you dont want to get clean
>> to begin with.. hell i would of been happy with any relief... let alone
>> 95%.. its more like 80% of symptoms.. it takes a raging flu and changes it
>> to a bad cold...
>> it sounds like you may need more time using before your ready to quit..
>> hopefully by then you havent ruined your life... best of wishes
>> junkboy
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