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Brother - no one gets off 'Scott free' as it were. We still have to endure
SOME nastiness, just nowhere near, nowhere even close to what it was if we
did not use ibogaine. A proper dose (take ALL of what your provider tells
you to take) in a proper set and setting, the best energy one can bring to
it etc....all these ingredients employed will make the best possible
scenario. I'll sure as hell take an 80% discount on duration and severity
any day - over cold turkey or dragging out a painful titration for a year.
the choice is ours friend, Take it easy man, remember that we have to put
work in also. It should be this way after all. Wish u the best Cal

On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 1:47 AM, Donny Drake <donnydrake18 at yahoo.co.uk>wrote:

> Oh man that is not encouraging at all..If someone is STILL getting
> withdrawals/PAWS/depression post-Iboga then imagine how a 6 year sub user
> will feel post-Iboga...I was led to believe MScontin is a short acting
> opiate regardless of time release? I was also told you can be 24 hours away
> from your opiate prior to a flood dose of Iboga/Ibogaine, hell some even
> say you still can have some opiates in your system but only if they are
> short acting like MScontin/Zamorph prior to a flood..I was thinking of
> changing to Zamorph/MScontin after Subutex prior to a flood dose of
> Iboga-Ibogaine but now you guys are saying you were still in withdrawals
> after makes me nervous..
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> *Subject:* [Ibogaine] MS Contin
> Hi Everyone,
> Happy New Years.
> I just wanted to say something after reading Donni's message since it
> directly relates to what I wrote here over the last few weeks.
> If you recall, I was saying how, after being on 300 mg. of MS Contin twice
> a day for a year, Ruvi was given a flood dose of 17 mg. per kilogram. The
> thing is, he took his last 300 mg. dose 24 hours before the flood. Now,
> considering that you normally take MS Contin every 12 hours, that means he
> just missed one dose prior to the Ibogaine flood. After the flood, he still
> had decent withdrawal and PAWS-type depression. Then, over a period of a
> few days (not ever day, just here and there), he was given what the
> provider said was the equivalent of a 2nd flood (this happened over a few
> days, and he was able to walk around, talk on the phone, watch the video
> Conair (lol, he told me he even remembered the name), etc., so obviously,
> even though he supposedly got the "equivalent" over a bunch of days of a
> 2nd flood, it obviously didn't do what a flood should do since he wouldn't
> have been able to do those things on a flood.
> So Donni's post just reminded me to ask this.
> Based on what I just wrote above, does it seem as if the Ibogaine initial
> flood was given too soon after the MS Contin? What I mean is, if you take
> 600 mg. a day of MS Contin for a year, I would think that even though MSC
> is really morphine, it is an extended release version, and maybe taking a
> dose 24 hours prior to the Ibogaine is too close, since that means you will
> only be skipping ONE dose. My impression is that you want the receptors to
> be clear for the Ibogaine to have access to them if you want to "reset"
> them or eliminate withdrawal, etc.
> What does everyone think?
> All the best folks,
> Chris
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