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narina walls narinawalls at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 22:06:30 EST 2012

Hey Maggy,

I don't take it personally at all ;-) except for now having broken a
personal rule to "read the list" and not "comment on the List"..... but
alls good. I have heard a lot of horror stories too and quite frankly if I
was seeking treatment and saw some of the nonsense that goes on and back
biting between people professing to be helping people with their addictions
and problems I would seriously run a mile.... It's good that the person is
on the list and she has every right to ask the questions she has, either
here or any of the forums she has been added to by myself to see whether
this treatment option would be suitable for her as well as the chance to
interact with persons that have experienced Ibogaine and other Providers.
As for whether she will come for Ibogaine treatment eventually with myself
or any other chosen Provider is of course entirely up to her, though I must
say that she did contact others before me and I have sent some testimonials
and referred her to the correct website for others via Facebook as I dont
actually have a confirmed email address, just a phone number. Either way
all is good and thanks for the response
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