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Maggie Barry emma04406 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 21:24:06 EST 2012

Dear Narina,
 Please don't take our suspicions personally. Some of us have had really
bad experiences with Ibogaine providers, most of whom are newly recovered
addicts. It sounds like you have a great clinic. Thanks for the information.


On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 7:29 PM, narina walls <narinawalls at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just as a matter of interest to Providers out there. Prospective patients
> contact many different centers looking for treatment. When they contact you
> do you take any fees for the time and money spent on phone calls or emails
> or advice when they arent even sure they will go for treatment to you or
> anyone else and they are shopping around and they don't even know if they
> will have the basic funds 6 months down the line. I don't and neither does
> Detoxsal. As for Providers ripping people off, thats just sad, because one
> we are working with a sacred medicine and secondly we have someones life in
> our hands. It happens and will continue to happen unfortunately, but
> personally I will not go down that road. Again back to Detoxsal, it only
> started operating here late last year and I also explained to Maggie (who
> has been a friend on facebook and has full access to my profile) that as a
> representative of Detoxsal I can send patients testimonials that have been
> treated here once they have approved that but as for others treated before
> it doesnt apply to this facility as I worked alone before so the whole
> setup was different. Again, a lot of people that come for treatment these
> days are addicted to pharmaceuticals and only their closest relatives in
> many cases know of their addiction and so many arent comfortable with
> having their testimonials online and although its kept on file with me I
> have no right to share that with a stranger, another patient or even their
> family members without their direct written approval. That should make
> sense to all on an ethical level.
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