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Hi to all that commented on DETOXSAL. Yes I am the Provider at Detoxsal and
yes we are legitimate. As advertised we do have Doctors on site as well
during all the treatments and with regards to location etc you can actually
see the location from Google earth. Payments, are upfront but not made in
El Salvador, however no transactions once received are processed until the
patient has been cleared for treatment so all Pre-screening tests are done
here in El Salvador after the patients arrival or unless they insist
forwarded to us pre-arrival and payment and evaluated by myself, 2 Doctors
and a Cardiologist. Should a patient have paid and not be elligible for
treatment they receive their money back minus the cost of the tests, which
I think is quite fair.
With regards to Maggie, I have been in contact with her and did inform her
that I will send the patient testimonials from this center once the
patients have agreed for me to release that as its not ethical to do so
prior to obtaining their permission. Yes one patients is online and another
one has agreed and sure she will receive bothvia email. Though in Maggie's
case this is a treatment that will not happen for a few months, or as in
the case of many people that get requests from patients and do shop around
, sometimes never. So from all the Providers out there if every person that
contacted you asked for you to send all your patient testimonials would you
do so? Lastly, I have never had a negative comeback from a patient, either
here where I am based now which is a fairly new establishment, Cyprus,
Egypt, Jordan, Greece or any other location where I have treated. I am sure
it will happen at some stage as is normal and Providers out there know well
enough we cant please everyone. Not everyone post treatment wants to be
known for their addiction etc, but I have these people on my friends list
on Facebook and on various support groups for Ibogaine as well as other
generalized support groups so if anyone of them is pissed at me...hey they
are free to air their views.......
So..... further from there I think its open knowledge how long I have been
treating with Ibogaine and have never ever professed to being an expert
because there is always something new to be learnt everyday. As for working
with addiction, yes I have on an ad-hoc basis for many years. If anyone has
any other questions they are free to message me, add me on Facebook or
respond here and I will answer accordingly. Thanks all
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