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You know for a fact? With 100 hundred percent certainty? Were you physically there where all these suppose "scams" or mistreatments  transpired?  

I heard dozens of "horror" stories about so many prominent providers but I keep my mouth shut because  I can't  confirm the veracity of these people's story.  Maybe you haven't treated enough clients to understand that some people have real mental issues along with their addictions which could cause a complete misrepresentation of the events that occurred or the care that was provided! Unless you have been treated by that specific  provider in question or have witness all these abominations take place, then you have no right to talk about any provider.

Since you are so involved in this list and posses so much devotion and have extensive  knowledge about ibogaine wouldn't it be prudent to first contact the provider in question to get his side of a story before spreading heresy on this list so other people who need help won't be lead astray by your  comments?

Matt Zielinski
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