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That seems an odd excuse not to post testimonials. Surely that's the point of them? That they're public references/recommendations?

Iboga world has typed and scanned handwritten ones. Hell, I wrote one!



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On 21 Feb 2012, at 21:23, Maggie Lawson <magz624 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I was wondering if anyone has received treatment at the clinic in
> El Salvador called Detoxsal. I've been looking into it and talking to
> woman there who administers the treatment, but aside from information
> obtained from her and information on the clinic's website, I can't
> find anything online about this place. This treatment is going to be a
> huge financial investment for me so I want to be absolutely sure that
> the clinic I choose is legitimate. Everything sounds on the up and up,
> but there's no patient testimonials anywhere and I can't ANYTHING when
> I google search this place except the clinic's website itself. There's
> a big list of provider's listed on myeboga.com and it isn't listed
> there either. She said the clinic opened only about a year ago. I
> asked about the patient testimonials and she said they do have them
> but they don't post them on the website due to confidentiality issues.
> I asked her if she could email them to me then and she said that they
> are all hand written, but she would type them up and send them to me
> without the names. Like any other treatment center, this one requires
> full payment prior to treatment. I asked if I could pay when I get
> there with a cashier's check, and she said she doesn't accept payment
> in El Salvador because people generally don't like to travel with that
> amount of money. I don't see a problem with this though because if I
> used a cashier's check and anything happened to it I could always
> cancel it, so traveling with it wouldn't be a problem for me, but she
> said that I'd have to pay before I came. I'm very concerned about
> losing the money, because once I save this money and pay a treatment
> center it's the only chance at this treatment I will have. If I lose
> the money to something that isn't legitimate, I won't be able to just
> go somewhere else because I don't have that kind of money. I'd love to
> do my treatment at this place if it is everything that it's
> represented to be. I just want to make absolute sure that wherever I
> end up giving my money to is what they say it is.
> If anybody has any information on this treatment center I would
> greatly appreciate if you could write me back about it. If you've been
> there yourself or know someone else who has, I'd love to hear about
> your experience as far as the treatment center itself goes, and if
> you're comfortable sharing the details of your ibogaine experience,
> and I totally understand if you aren't, I'd love to hear about that as
> well.
> So please please please! Anybody with any info on this treatment
> center, please write me! I hope I'm using this list thing properly, I
> wrote to Lee on myeboga and he said to post on this list. I thought it
> was a forum, but when I went there I only saw something that said to
> write to everyone on the list email this address, so please forgive me
> if I didn't go about this the right way.
> Thank you everybody for taking the time to read this and thank you in
> advanced for your responses!
> Sincerely,
> Maggie
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