[Ibogaine] will ibogaine detox from heroin and methadone?

Jeremy spence jlspence12 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 04:26:39 EST 2012

It does work, but it does not work for every mother fucker on the planet...

A "medical detox" 
Is I say just as risky if u ask me.

But that what I say....
I couldn't take a full dose, so I'm having to do it the hardcore way.

I wish I could say there is a easy way out, but there is not.

It does in fact work, however it's hard on the body.
It's a hard drug on a persons system in gen.

that does not mean it will be too much for 
I've got pain control issues, and mine deal is not just addiction, so you know???
I've managed to trapper to 75mgs of morphine, it's hell.... From 230mgs.

Just being on the list is help me a little, not all positive but that "L.I.F.E"

Its been at the least more info then u probably want to know in this life.

But the more u know the better your chance at just "being alive"

The facts are u would live to be past 50 
Most people anyways on a lot of these Meds, just a fact, yea some make it longer but over all your quality of life will decrease as time goes with a lot of these Meds, addictive aka "the devil" "BAD Meds "or" the "better" "Christian"
Meds the "non" "addictive" Meds, or what I like to call the Jesus Meds......
"that aren't"
Beyond! How "people" "THINK"

Just because "they think" "it"
And then you have the "IDIOTS"
That or the "better" "people" "that aren't"
That are called the "USA" "Medical system"
That are "better"
You know the "better people" that "aren't"

Not that I'm for or against any one belief 
I'm not....

I guess I do believe in something.
Not sure what that something is?
But something 
Other than just myself..

Who that is?
I couldn't tell u?

But over all it's detox or die in the end no matter what u believe..

I'm not sure I believe your "just addicted" "4 life"
I not sure I believe that....

"this you got" "addicted" your a "BAD" 
Person is Just "FUCKED"

I couldn't do a full treatment, but I've taken all forms of it in small doses.

I wouldn't tell a human being to do it alone though.
I use to believe it can't be much harder then the Meds I've been on.

it's a different type of drug, and only bad part is u don't know how will effect u.

It's not all bad though.
I'll leave it up to the people that see it 
Everyday help with that one....

There have been deaths with it, but "what Meds don't?"

this "these" and "those" type Meds.

It a fact it does have the "power" to get a human animal off Meds without the time and suffering one would go through doing it the "better" way! 
"The I'll give you "Jesus juice" way, which takes a lot longer and u suffer a lot more, is it "safer???" that way 
One word "RIGHT!"

I did not have a choice, I had to do it that way...
Tarpapering for me was the only way I could do it.
Plus the "cost" is at the lowest around 2k
So adding that in, its a factor...

But there's a "cost" to just about "everything"
In some way or another.....
Again, "RIGHT"

Is it worth it?
Everybody has to ask that for them self?

It does work and it is a cool drug.....

I saw a rabbit when I did some of the 
It was kind of cool......

It did help me some, I got a stupid bladder pain issue that's been "out of this world"

It's just been mainly painful, it doesn't effect nothing else just painful....

I cant take certain Meds that effect it.
Ibogaine is hard on it...
Most Meds can be.
It's took 15 years of diet and you just couldn't in your wildest believe what
I was forced to do to get "better"
Pain wise just to tapper off "not mine"
"not just what the" "doctor" "put" me on.
But morphine..
Just I don't "own that"
As well as adderall that people "think"
Is "meth" "but isn't"
And heres "another" "BAD" Med
The "addictive" "BAD"
Group of Meds, "these" and dont "forget"
The protect the "Internet" 
"people" that dont want u knowing shit" (so they can "feel" "BETTER about them self! Never be me people)
so they can be "above" "u" knowing
"more!" then u! People! So they can stick "their chest out" "further" people...
And make "lower" people feel like "nothing people"
U know the "better!" people!

I call them Aka "mother fuckers"
Not to hate on people, just me venting.....
Maybe one day I'll be "BETTER TOO!"
But not.......

I always "wanted" to be a toyareus kid, maybe u never know I will be......
But for now "I dont care"

And even if 
I was "who really cares?"
Not me....

Overall Meds/DRUGS!
End up long term shorting your life....

For me I couldn't get around them...
It's a mess...

I'm sure other people on the list that see treatment every day know more.....

It does do what the info says it does....
I'm not much for NA

You "can't" have sex, drugs, any thing that "feels" "good" "u can't" "do" in NA..

Everything "offends" "those" people
So "u also" "can't" "say certain "words"
Or these people go nuts on u.....

"can't say" "THAT"
"can't say "this"
Don't say "those" "words"

Or like a doctor that's "nuts" that ran me out of her stupid ass shit treatment "to get" "better!"
"can't say that too loud"
Even though I'm fighting beyond hard just "survive"
Just "be"
Just alone!
I want shit"

"My GOD!"

There a lot of miss info on just about everything... Anything.. 

Ibogaine, fact can be a more of a risk for certain human animals........ Life forms if u will.......

Most human animals u "can't" make "any" "sense" with "at all" though....
Oh "I'm telling u"

I hope this "helps"
There are many other humans on the list that know u could say "more then I do about" "anything" "everything" "and "nothing at all"


On Feb 18, 2012, at 2:03 AM, Dana Roberts <roberts_dana at ymail.com> wrote:

> I've read a lot of the ibogaine sites and even the archives of this list, a lot of the technical things are way over my head. I do have a simple question, not counting all the spiritual bs and planning to go into aftercare after being treated, will ibogaine the drug get me off the two other drugs heroin which i do off and on and methadone which I am on 150MG a day? Does it really work or do I need to be brainwashed into believing it and buy into whatev spiritual trip I am supposed to be getting out of it.
> thanks, not intending to be obnoxious to true believers I just at this stage do not care so much, I only want to hear from anybody who has done it, does the drug work even if I don't have belief in whatev it is that you all want to believe in.
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