[Ibogaine] will ibogaine detox from heroin and methadone?

James Forristal psychonaut101 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 04:41:40 EST 2012

fyi, even though you are fatigued etc, most people have such an intense
reduction in cravings that it's not so hard to handle.  Also as the nor-ibo
kicks in and your mood lifts as you become more and more present.. the
physical shit isn't hell, unless you're the type of person that lived to
focus on what is wrong and why that justifies your plan of action in
avoidance/escape hehe   We've all been there, thing is detoxing while in
that state of mind isn't very successful

On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 1:37 AM, James Forristal <psychonaut101 at gmail.com>wrote:

> I was detoxed off of 50mg of mdone in 06, but I tapered down to 50mg
> before detox.  I was also the working poor so I sold 3 of my weekly doses
> so I could pay my bills etc.  I think do to this my body wasn't accustomed
> to be completely saturated and my detox wasn't all that horrible.  I've
> helped folks with rather large mdone habits and a few others that have
> supplemental additions of heroin, OC's and whatever else they can get.
> It's possible, ibogaine will make things a lot easier but it's not easy,
> it's hard to get out of bed and onto your feet (depending on age and
> health) from 3 to 7 days typically.  There is also quite a bit of detox
> meds needed during that time to get the person grounded and detoxed.  On
> day two and for some day three it can feel like you're a 90 year old that
> has just been hit by a truck and the body is stressed and being forced
> to kick start the endorphin system on again.   There are those that have
> been successful with home mdone detoxes with ibogaine, the odds aren't
> good, 1 in 20 at best from what I've seen.  You really need someone that
> knows ibo well and is dedicated to and enjoys being of service to those
> they are helping.   Also, a person that isn't ibo naive and/or an opiate
> detox virgin.  ;)
> On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 12:03 AM, Dana Roberts <roberts_dana at ymail.com>wrote:
>> I've read a lot of the ibogaine sites and even the archives of this list,
>> a lot of the technical things are way over my head. I do have a simple
>> question, not counting all the spiritual bs and planning to go into
>> aftercare after being treated, will ibogaine the drug get me off the two
>> other drugs heroin which i do off and on and methadone which I am on 150MG
>> a day? Does it really work or do I need to be brainwashed into believing it
>> and buy into whatev spiritual trip I am supposed to be getting out of it.
>> thanks, not intending to be obnoxious to true believers I just at this
>> stage do not care so much, I only want to hear from anybody who has done
>> it, does the drug work even if I don't have belief in whatev it is that you
>> all want to believe in.
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