[Ibogaine] will ibogaine detox from heroin and methadone?

Dana Roberts roberts_dana at ymail.com
Sat Feb 18 03:03:29 EST 2012

I've read a lot of the ibogaine sites and even the archives of this list, a lot of the technical things are way over my head. I do have a simple question, not counting all the spiritual bs and planning to go into aftercare after being treated, will ibogaine the drug get me off the two other drugs heroin which i do off and on and methadone which I am on 150MG a day? Does it really work or do I need to be brainwashed into believing it and buy into whatev spiritual trip I am supposed to be getting out of it.

thanks, not intending to be obnoxious to true believers I just at this stage do not care so much, I only want to hear from anybody who has done it, does the drug work even if I don't have belief in whatev it is that you all want to believe in.
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