[Ibogaine] Return of IBO-Radio.

David Pesce davidpesce at rocketmail.com
Sat Feb 11 23:19:39 EST 2012

That's cool, wondered what happened to the show it just vanished a few months ago after a strong start.

Something you may want to be aware of, you write www.iboradio.com in your sig, but that brings up some japanese site that isn't you. I can't find any of what you mentioned in ibo-radio.com so far, just old logs of guests that end in oct or nov but guess it's coming. Welcome back.

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This Sunday, IBO-Radio returns to the internet airwaves! We have a wonderful new host, Peter Frank, and two great guests from the UK, Lee Albert and Iwan Morgan. We also are trying a new format for the show to increase the ability of listeners to provide feedback and past guests to give updates on IBO clinics, projects, websites, and campaigns, and their continuing journey exploring the potential of this amazing plant ally and promising medicine. We accomplish this by setting up two new pages on our website-- www.ibo-radio.com -- IBO-Perspectives, for listener input and testimonials, and IBO-Voices, a spontaneous blog exclusively for past guests of IBO-Radio to continue to connect to our audience, offer both their journey's narrative and wisdom for people just finding out about Iboga/Ibogaine with practical advice on anything from medical precautions to take before treatment to what they might experience during a Ibogaine flood to what are some effective
 ways to transition that healing gained from the experience back into daily life with appropriate aftercare. 
I am now accepting testimonials, questions, and other comments or future guest suggestions at iboradio at gmail.com 
Damon Matthew Smith
Founder and Director

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