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Jeremy... why not look at this differnently... look at it as an opportunity and get clean.  Why not?  Opiates are not the best choice for chronic pain.  But it is a choice of yours to make.  Many other pain clients have been able but not with ease.. nothing of worth comes with ease.
I wish you well in your journey.

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>Man, sorry to hear that..
>yea, I'm without a MDnow, he just walked out.
>Oh, at the same time "I" was suppose to get my Meds. I mean, it didnt have "nothing" to do with "me" or nothing, no, surly not "me"
>I'm going completely "nuts"
>Right now....
>I've some how got to get off Meds myself...
>It's beyond...
>I'm down from 230mgs of morphine to give or take 100mgs....
>That's "winning" the "special Olimpics"
>"for me"
>I've got 100mgs to go, Ive had 3 weeks extra morphine lve saved, just from shit like this..
>I'm running out got a week left....
>I went to a ahole place in Indy "fucking nuts!"
>One word, "idiots"
>Fucking "IDIOTS!"
>Oh, I'm telling "U"
>Didnt so much as look at my word work tapering "nothing"
>"I'm a fucking junky"
>Didn't look at nothing...
>I'm just a addict
>Never mind all my paper work, of me going through with IC, that they know they thing about "but -000000000000 numbers about"
>Jeremy Lee Spece
>On Feb 7, 2012, at 6:25 PM, tink <tinkerbell.sarah at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Well, hello Preston, and how are you?  Tink here, in a manner of
>> speaking.  A fond hello to all who know me....
>> I'm currently in jail in Maine, but it's a Community Control Center or
>> something nice like that.  Basically, I do a lot of community service
>> and gain 17 days good time a month.  I get to live in a separate
>> building from the jail proper, and have the privilege of occasional
>> online access, phone calls and my mp3 player, my own clothing, and the
>> option to walk out the door if I want to tempt fate and cop an escape
>> charge.  It can be difficult not to on certain days, but I'm adjusting
>> and will be out of here some time between April and May, with luck(and
>> a slight adjustment on my gain time and credit time served from
>> sentencing that they've conveniently forgotten to add).
>> Kudos to you for going through it again, Preston!! Stick with it.  Do
>> a booster.  DO A BOOSTER FOR ME!!!!! Just in case you've forgotten
>> what it's like, I kicked a 5 plus gram a day habit with no help in a
>> dry cell surrounded by a lot of disdain and prejudiced asshole cops
>> and medical staff that wouldn't give me an ibuprofen, or piss on me if
>> I was in fire.  "You might want to be dead, but you ain't dying...."
>> Oh, the love and compassion makes me all warm and fuzzy, all over.....
>> I haven't had a drop of anything but caffeine (commissary crack) and
>> am at the point where my sneezing is coming to an end, but my
>> legs...WTF!!!! RLS is bad enough, but this residual kicking and
>> re-wiring and agonizing deep aching no sleeping twitch and twist and
>> wish I could shout bullshit is for the fucking BIRDS!  They're very
>> strict here and I am constantly being reminded how fortunate I am to
>> be here, and that even forgetting to make my bed can get me lugged
>> back next door.  I seriously do not enjoy this locked up shit.  I own
>> it, I'm doing it, but wow does it blow donkey dick.
>> 'Scuse the lingo
>> LOve to you all. I'm about to be a pumpkin again.  Will check
>> back....love you preston
>> tink
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