[Ibogaine] Adiction

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only you can make the decision to get clean... not a group decission.  You will need support if you do get clean.  I suggest you do some research on this plant.  I suggest you stack everything you can on your side... one being get off the methadone before you partake in this treatment.  it is possible but not easy going straight from meth.  Most will fail eventually in my experience.  Some of couse will make it.  But if you can why not make this as easy as possible and stack everything on your side that is you have control over?
Good luck

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>i have a adiction problem more then 10 years.im 27 and now im on methadon
>therapy last 3 years.since that i start using needle. injection the meth
>and others opiats and diazepam.i was thinking before that heroin is the
>worst thing in the world.i didnt care on wath kind of therapy they put me
>in i just wanna to be free from heroin. then i was smoking the heroin
>,chasing the dragon like the americans said hahah.5 years i was on that and
>now im stuck like never before.i hope fore your coaporation and toghether
>to solve the problem. thanks unfront.bye!
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