[Ibogaine] Methadone and Codeine combo

Jim Hadey3 jimhadey3 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 00:21:34 EST 2012

Hi Brasil,

I think it is a Great idea for codeine is much easier to kick than
methadone - much easier.  I believe the Dr will put him on a steady dose
and when stabilized start a slow taper.  I guess you could say that is what
they were trying to do with the suboxone and methadone but those drugs are
far too hard to taper from for most people.

I would say get a low as you can on Tylenol #4  which is 1 gm of codeine.
Tapers can be long drawn out things and sometimes a month or two later
severe depression sets in.  In all honesty there is no nice way to detox.
If you can get down to 3 or 4 codeine tab @ 1gm each and your still having
trouble take about 1 gram of HCL which is not all that much but should get
the job done.

Maybe some others will stop by with a few tips.  I hope your and your son
are able to beat the habit.  Also, just so ya know Ibo does not always work
the first time and often Ibo can not do it alone.  It would not hurt to try
NA or CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).  Some places are out for the
money, in my opinion NA helps many people at an extremely affordable price.


  - JIM

On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 5:08 PM, <brasil.beatriz at gmail.com> wrote:

> ** **
> I’d be most grateful for any feedback you could give me on the above
> combination which has been prescribed to my son.****
> He has been in maintenance for six years, first with buprenorphine and
> then with methadone. Now his doctor, aiming at reducing his methadone
> dosage, has suggested introducing codeine. ****
> ** **
> Thank you,****
> Beatriz****
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