[Ibogaine] So Spooky, and finding voacangine

Chris Jenks chris at jenks.us
Fri Dec 28 17:17:35 EST 2012

   According to the article by van Beek that I've been studying there is 
one species, Tabernaemontana aldiflora from French Guiana, which is 
reported to contain 18-hydroxycoronaridine in its stem bark, which could 
be methylated to give 18-methoxycoronaridine. Otherwise I don't know how 
18-MC would be easily made. Voacangine, in contrast, is reported in 35 
Tabernaemontana species, as I mentioned, which doesn't even include the 
Voacanga species which are its current main source. The problem with 
voacangine or 18-MC is that they are both esters, unlike ibogaine, and 
while they both showed promise in treating addiction in rats, voacangine 
turned out to be a dud when taken by humans. So I don't hold out a lot of 
hope for 18-MC being very effective in humans either. But there are quite 
a few possible natural products I am finding which may have activity 
similar to ibogaine and which lack the ester group. I'm also finding that, 
just as voacangine is more prevalent than the ibogaine it can be converted 
into, that the other ester-containing iboga alkaloids (coronaridine, 
isovoacangine and conopharyngine) are more prevent than their non-ester 
counterparts, so they could serve as good precursors to ibogamine, 
tabernanthine and ibogaline respectively. The main question is, are any of 
these alkaloids superior in any way to ibogaine? If not, there isn't as 
much incentive to find good sources of them (which is almost sure to be a 
tropical plant) except to circumvent stigma and the law, rather than just 
to verify that Voacanga africana is the best source of voacangine.

On Fri, 28 Dec 2012, Jim Hadey3 wrote:

> Hi People,
> I wonder how it would compare with MC-18 which is a synthetic Ibo made in a
> lab.  Which would be cheaper to make, which would most likely to get
> approved by the FDA?  any could keep the MC-18 legal but Expensive being
> only used in hospitals that take people with cash rather than insurance. 
> Yeah, the movie stars can get away with a case of addiction but for the
> union guy or regular guy so to speak will not be able to afford it, might be
> lucky to get him met or sub paid for, or maybe not.  If you go to the
> hospital and tell them help, I haven't slept for a week I think they will
> just kick ya out, their not gonna give you the Propofol and tell ya to take
> a bed.  They won't give ya anything except some kind of SSRI, yeah their not
> hard to get.
> Not to bring up the abortion debate but in the old days of back yard
> abortions they were for the poor.  By poor I mean those who could not fly to
> France or other countries or find a sympathetic .  Right now most addicts
> can not afford a 5 day trip to a detox center.  There are only four real
> ways to kick - taper which if they worked you would just taper and quit,
> cold turkey is much too harsh and wins in the end, then they is the sub or
> met taper/detox - none of which work.  Ibo is in a class by it's self, I
> hope it always available for the regular street addict to the IBM addict.  
> Without Ibo I would not be clean, I tried thousands of times, yes thousands
> some only lasted a few hours.
> Best,
>   - JIM
> On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 11:06 AM, Chris Jenks <chris at jenks.us> wrote:
>       Aside from that it could be isolated from tailings from
>       processing iboga or it could be isolated from Voacanga africana
>       using the procedure I recently presented
>       (http://puzzlepiece.org/ibogaine/gita_conference_2012/agenda.html),
>       or it may be isolated from about a third of the hundred or so
>       known species of Tabernaemontana (according to van Beek's 1984
>       review which I have been studying), being one of the most
>       prevalent alkaloids of that genus. My next work is to look up
>       the published investigations of these

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