[Ibogaine] Pardon for Dana Beal ? Write Nebraska Governor ASAP !

DC from AZ dcollier9 at q.com
Wed Dec 12 21:19:35 EST 2012

Fellow Ibo-nauts, time for action to help spring Dana Beal from further misery, 
the guy needs an operation, and postponing it is inhuman. 

Let's contact the Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman NOW (please) and respectfully urge 
him to grant a full pardon for Dana Beal, Dana has suffered enough, 
and is at an age where its a death sentence to force him to 
postpone medical treatment, and to see him die in prison is un-American. 

We owe it to Dana, lets get busy. Let's show the prosecutors what the people 
think of this waste of taxpayers money. 

Time for a little mercy, IMO. Time to show what Nebraska is made of, 
cornhuskers are caring people too, right ? Well, lets find out, do they want to fill 
their jails with old people needing medical care, is that cost effective ? 
He didn't kill anyone, right ? No violence involved, right ? Is he a cartel boss, 
rolling in riches ? Of course not. This makes no sense in the year 2012 
its another generation now, who is tired of people getting harmed, we support 
harm-reduction, time to re-tell the story to Gov. Dave. 


-- just say'in 
(Dave's not here !) 

"Love converts hearts, and gives peace." 

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