[Ibogaine] Opium Trade in Afghanistan

Gilbert du Motier deptrai at ibogahelp.com
Thu Sep 15 10:33:24 EDT 2011

Hello Mr DeRienzo,

I really like your show. I have watched hours of it.

I read The Staten Island Project. I finished more confused than I thought
I would be. There are parts of the story that I am especially interested

First, why did Gerte get 'cut off'? You just glossed over it.
Before the story gets to Gerte, it is like it is trying to build momentum,
but there is no supply, then there are no addicts to give it to. Then a
bunch of wasted paper about Panthers. I feel misled. If you found the cure
to heroin addiction, what would you do? I would not even think to file a
patent. It would never have crossed my mind. Some people have suggested
that the patent was to protect Ibo from big pharma. Something is not right
about this.

 If I understand this right, a guy named Nico and a woman named Gerte in
The Netherlands had obtained less than a dozen doses in the 1990s. They
both had access to many addicts due to their addict activism. They used
the Ibo the best they could, and then "Gerte was cut off."  WTF? Wait a
second... then what? That was it? This is the very beginnings of the
FIRST real Ibo provider. From what I am able to gather, Gerte was
Provider 001. While Sisko and Lotsof were trying to turn patents into
large donations and $35,000 treatments, these two self described
'junkies' were starting the beginnings of what many of you on this list,
and myself, would eventually work into. I thought this part of the story
was really important. Far more important than Dana's biblical analysis.

The problem was not supply, because Glick's countless rats always seemed
to have a large supply of Ibo. Monkeys and dogs were getting forced to
become addicted, then given repeated doses. But no people. Up until Gerte,
Howard appears to be exclusively trying to turn a pharmaceutical company
into dollars. I don't feel good about it. I have enough faith in all of
you on the list to know that if you controlled the Ibo, you would not
hoard and exploit it.

Mr DeRienzo, you said that when Sisko and Howard had a falling out, Sisko
continued to treat people. Then when they came back together, Howard
decided to charge Sisko money for using Ibogaine under his patent? Howard
charged Sisko money for Sisko's previous underground treatments? Really? I
hope this is not really true. If it is, then the whole story has been a
lie, and the truth is all about greed.

I just really want to know, why did Gerte get cut off? She was on the
verge of doing a lot of great things. She was ready to help hundreds of
people, but the people who could cut her off decided to do so... and that
looks a lot like hoarding and exploiting Ibo at the expense of others.

I hope I am wrong about all of this. My impression of the Ibo story before
reading your book seems to be much nicer than reality.

Thank you for reading.

> http://vimeo.com/29024899
> Prof. Alfred W. McCoy is he author of The Politics of Heroin: CIA
> Complicity in the Global Drug Trade. He discusses the heroin trade and
> role of Afghanistan. This interview was conducted on WBAI radio "This
> Morning with Paul DeRienzo" on October 4, 2001. As recent studies of the
> opium trade in Afghanistan by the United Nations show Professor McCoy's
> predictions came true.
> http://vimeo.com/29024899
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