[Ibogaine] Ultra rapid detox article

Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Tue May 31 19:46:15 EDT 2011

Hi Brad,

Man $15,000 that quite a bit.  They have a thing
on You Tube about a guy who goes in and comes
out a couple of hours later feeling fairly good.
I mean the commercial makes it look so easy.
If I had the money for that I would of given it a
try or hopefully I could ask around and find out
what it is really like.  When they first came out 
with methadone it was suppose to be easier to 
wean yourself off of it - no way.  Everyone I 
know says it is harder and that has been my 
experience also.



  - JIM

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My name is Brad on MMT now. I paid $15,000 to a Dr. in Portland for the opportunity to have this procedure, was approx 1998. Unless it has been significantly changed and improved, don’t believe the BULL   T!!  Was the most horrible experience of my life X 100. I told them what I was using and how much I was using.. I won’t get started, just BE VERY CAREFUL AND BE EDUCATED.bf  From: ibogaine-bounces at mindvox.com [mailto:ibogaine-bounces at mindvox.com] On Behalf Of Jim Hadey
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An interesting article on the rapid method of detoxing
with Naltrexon.  I just got the first page there is a link 
if you want to read the whole article.


  - JIM

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