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And there's a new class of hep c drug, telaprevir, that added to the cocktail cures the "difficult" to cure cases...Mike

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to the girl who wrote about hepc....do you know 
why? your doctor has to do a biopsy? In my view its soley to do with stats and 
the minds of doctors. It will do nothing to change the fact:( Also, the 
comparison you made btwn interferon and iboga is incorrect. Interferon does not 
just lower the viral load....in many,many cases it eliminates it. it eliminated 
mine after only 3wks:) of course i continued taking it for a year. i found the 
course of therapy to be fairly easy (after the first week). I was even in 
i have known people who have had a hard time with 
the drugs but also a majority that weathered it easily. think about the end 
result not the maybe's perhaps:) Hope you get cured.
On Wed, 18 May 
2011, star ray wrote:

> Information on Ibogaine for Hepatits C, 
genotype 1a
> I took another 650 mg of HCL three 1/2 weeks ago 
and my viral load is now down to 1,333,000?? Believe me the nurse was happy but 
she initially told me over the
> phone it was 133, and I even questioned 
her about that, well when I finally got the report in my hand she had given me 
the wrong figure after I had happily told
> many people about this.? So 
sorry for anyone I told this to,? I said to the nurse you mean One hundred and 
thirty three and she said YES,? oops kind of big
> screw-up there.? In 
other words don't ever listen to anything anyone tells you without a report in 
your hand,? she has always given me figures over the phone
> before I got 
the report later and no problem.? Must have been just "one of those days" 
> I? spoke with Blaine Hollinger Professor of Medicine, 
Virology and Epidemiology
> Director, Eugene B. Casey Hepatitis Research 
> and Diagnostic Laboratory
> Baylor College of Medicine in 
Houston, Texas
> I had each lab test done approximately 3 weeks 
after taking the ibogaine
> ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ??
> ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 
? ? ? Viral Load
> 4/2010????????????? 2,268,428
6/2010????????????? 2,200,000?? (after 900 mg TA)
> 11/2010??????????? 
3,272,592?? (after small doses of TA, I was told TA was best to take but 
obviously that did not work for me)
> 12/2010??????????? 1,756,285 ? 
(after 1100 mg of HCL)
> 5/2011????????????? 1,333,000 ? (after 650 mg of 
> So Dr. Hollinger is very interested in 
reviewing all of my lab results which I faxed to him.? I briefly told him the 
ibogaine story, etc.? So he was interested in
> reviewing them after I 
told him my load was 133 but then I faxed them with the? factual last viral load 
report of 1,333,000 and here is what he said:
> Update from 
Doctor Hollinger (who I saw 15 years ago for my only official exam as I have 
been trying to ignore it for many years, other than taking herbs, etc)
So Blaine Hollinger leading hepatits researcher at Baylor says the viral load 
doesn't matter, it can be 200 and can still destroy your liver.? He says he 
> looked at millions of these viral load reports and that has been his 
experience? Also my liver enzymes went down, I forgot to tell him this, they 
were only
> slightly out of range maybe one point and that was two of 
them. BUT, they have also been that low before because I have had blood tests 
periodically through the
> years to check on liver enzymes.? Anyway I have 
an appointment there the end of July? and will have a liver biopsy on august 4th 
or 5th, and they will do full
> blood work,? he said he will come in and 
chat with me,? he doesn't even see patients anymore, he just does research,? he 
has been so nice to talk to me these
> three times.?? All i know is that I 
sleep much better and feel much better after ibogaine, and they know nothing 
about it so of course they cannot recommend it...
> i will see what the 
condition of my liver is and take it from there.? He says they recommend the 
liver biopsies every 10 years now.. it's such a fun
> experience.... HA 
naught, The other thing is that the TA made my viral load go up and my liver 
enzymes... so I would suggest only taking the HCL, although people
> that 
work with ibogaine (several) told me to take the TA, so confusing?!?!?

> It is still confusing to me how people take interferon to reduce the 
viral load and it is finally eliminated(after months of grueling torture,etc 
that may not
> even work) .? When it gets to 0 and doesn't show up for six 
months he says the virus is gone.... no clear answers here ... so interferon and 
those other combo
> drugs reduce the viral load also????????????????? so 
does ibogaine........................
> I feel strongly that 
Ibogaine Kills parasites and cleanses the body, including candida, bowel 
problems,? and many other things.? It is a Miracle Healing Power of
> So I hope anyone that has HCV will benefit from this as 
I am sure there are some on this list that might
> Peace 
from Texas from the Texas Girl ?? Peace

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