[Ibogaine] Ibogaine and My Year of Interferon

Chris Jenks chris at jenks.us
Fri May 27 17:39:15 EDT 2011

On Wed, 25 May 2011, Manole & Mary Tiulescu wrote:

> I've even asked my doctor who is familiar with the bark. He dismisses it 
> by saying if it actually worked everyone would be doing it.

   This is like saying there is nothing left to discover because if there 
were something important to discover we would already know about it. I 
don't know anyone who disputes the effectiveness of ibogaine to prevent 
withdrawal after reviewing the evidence, yet ibogaine still seems unknown 
to most people having to face withdrawal. How much less will it be known 
among people with treatment-resistant hepatitis C, since the number of 
such people who have tried ibogaine is much smaller than the number who 
took it for addiction? I'm not saying it clearly works, but I am saying it 
can't be dismissed by this circular argument.

> What people write here about ibogaine runs the spectrum from
> nightmarish to liberating. Why is there such variability?

   Many drugs are extremely variable in their effects between people. 
Finding a drug with consistent effects between people seems to be the 

> Though I never imagined writing this, I can now say I got used to 
> [taking interferron], even to the needles. If I could, anyone can.

   Interferron is another example of a drug with highly variable effects 
between people. When my mother in law was treated she was so confused I 
could barely guide her from the parking lot to her doctor's office and she 
was like this, continuously, for months. Obviously your experience was 
very different. Horror stories tend to get more attention but you can't 
conclude they are rare just because of this exaggeration.

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