[Ibogaine] after dosing d.i.y.

J B kn0m0n3 at gmail.com
Mon May 23 09:04:21 EDT 2011

Hello,    Nick had a big order of not relying on a sick ego, I have
had a difficult time coming to terms with "reality" and the
misinformation....  it is at times difficult to move on from the past,
& the way forward is not always clear.   Human behavior is.... human
behavior.  This "place" is filled with all sorts of people; and I
underestimated the black hole of need of others;  being used as an
uninformed informant, anctedodal subject for bioinformatics, psy ops,
societies within societies, & how to aquire a new frame of referrence
without clinging to my previous default is difficult.  hungry
hippocamps, B.A.A. stimulation, shades of hypocracy, always searching
for "the answer"; throw in diagnosis & cointelpro.tocalls, knowing I
am not the only one.it seems like I only define my identity by what I
am not (I am not the example/mascot), the what I am is much more
difficult to define.  Plasticity is a mine field, engineer coincidence
detections, singing the body Electric N! exponential  diminsions.

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