[Ibogaine] Testimony, something nice.

Sara Glatt sara119 at xs4all.nl
Thu May 19 10:14:12 EDT 2011

Dear Sara,

I hope you're well,

Please see below my previous mail sent to Daphne also,

I just wanted to send you a message to thank you again for all your help,

My trip to your home at first made me nervous with anticipation of the
but your kindness and support made the experience so much easier, thank
you for
providing the treatment free of charge, I will try to send you the money some
time in the future. I can see that your motivation is clearly only to help
with severe problems with addiction. You have given me a new chance of a
non addictive life which is something that I have searched for such a long
As an addict of multiple addictions for 20 years you have been able to give
me the cure that no one else has been able to acheive. I have been blessed to
find you and will recommend you to anyone that I meet with similiar
problems to
me. During my time recovering from the treatment I witnessed the strength of
your experience, kindness and compassion to other patients in a similiar
addictive state to myself, I could see how you gave so much of your time and
energy to ensuring each person was safe and guided through the Iboga
putting the person first and providing a safe and secure environment for
to do their work and overcome their addiction. I believe you offer something
that is not available anywhere else in a loving family settling. The fact
you allow people who are in a very difficult place into your home and
allow then
to live among your family shows your dedication to your work and belief in
that you are treating - when the rest of the medical profession and the
world in
general have given up on these people you are there to support them and offer
help in a non judgemental way to  them.

I have learned so much from this experience both about myself and how much
life has to offer. Thnak you for allowng me to be part of your family for a
week, what an amazing family you have. Please thank Tammy and Brahm for their
kindness also.

I haven't been owned by my addictions since I returned to Ireland which is
first time in 20 years,

Thank you so much for everything, I will carry a part of this experience
with me
rest of my life, I hope one day we will meet again.

Please continue with your work for so many need you and this help,

Please contact me if I can ever help with anything,

With Love,


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