[Ibogaine] Jim's responce/Gary

Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Thu May 12 17:58:17 EDT 2011

Hi Randy,

 >>I was
> so sick that I went straight from the hospital and copped 5 80's to
> get over the nal in my system and went to work. NOT, I was still sick
> for days and now I can't even do enough dope to get over the nal. God
> knows I tried.  <<<

I understand you went through hell but your not suppose
to use after nal for your resistance is zero.  From what I
have read you can use opiates and use and use then all
of a sudden you die, I know too late now.

Also pheno barb, oh man that causes
depression for days.  I could not think of a worse barb.
How come they can't give you Nembutal or Seconal??  
You could ask but the answer is we don't, end of story.
Kind of like arguing with Judge Judy, it won't do much


  - JIM

--- On Thu, 5/12/11, Edward W <edwardw at mtciep.com> wrote:

From: Edward W <edwardw at mtciep.com>
Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Jim's responce/Gary
To: "The Ibogaine List" <ibogaine at mindvox.com>
Date: Thursday, May 12, 2011, 10:33 AM

I have to say that Antabuse did help me stay away from alcohol, while on 
the it, I was always afraid of what the effects would be if I did even 
drink a drop of alcohol.  I realize it's only a short term deterrent.  
It seemed Campral(Acamposate) was effective for alcohol cravings.  
Didn't mean to break the flow Randy, just my small experience with alcohol.


edwardw at mtciep.com

On 5/12/2011 8:26 AM, Randy Faulconer wrote:
>        Hi Jasen, you still my brother??
>         I too have tried the nal thing. I did a kind of poor man's
> rapid detox in the hospital. The doc was in recovery and was really
> trying to help me. I knew him from the rooms so I guess he meant well.
> I was coming off of Oxy's in 96. This was before I knew about Ibogaine
> by the way.
>         Anyway, he told me he wanted to try something, explained what
> it was he wanted to do, then gave me some nal and a hand full of pheno
> barb and serax. I don't think that I ever felt worse in a hospital
> detox. They kept me so fucked up on all of the downers that I was
> cross eyed for days. After a week of this the doc comes to me and says
> " I think that this worked". Hooray!!!!!.............yea right, I was
> so sick that I went straight from the hospital and copped 5 80's to
> get over the nal in my system and went to work. NOT, I was still sick
> for days and now I can't even do enough dope to get over the nal. God
> knows I tried.
>          I guess what I'm tryin' to say is, even if the doc you have
> likes you and really wants to help most of those guys don't know DICK
> about addiction and even less about what nal does to your body. It's
> like trying to put a bandage on a bullet wound to treat an addict with
> that shit. Same for antibuse for alcohol. Been there too. The only way
> that I know of that really works is to do an Ibo treatment, treat the
> PAWS symptomatically, and get some good aftercare going. Even with
> Ibogaine you have to be ready for the PAWS. Ibogaine cuts out a whole
> lot of suffering, but you will still be a little sick. Boosters help a
> lot but still you have to have some way to deal with the shit that
> will be in your head. Everybody wants a quick way out, that's only
> natural. It just aint so, not that I know of anyway.
>            Peace Love and Immodium
>                Randy
>                 BiscuitBoy Blues
> On 5/9/11, Jasen happy<jasenhappy2008 at yahoo.com.au>  wrote:
>> Hello Gary,
>> Jim has made some great and very true comments.
>> I saw my brother try and come off Suboxne and try to go onto Naltrexone so
>> he
>> would not have any cravings and stay free. He did the normal thing of
>> reducing
>> down to 2mg's then being off his tablet for 3 to 4 days. He went into the
>> doc's
>> very excited about not being in withdrawal and excited that this was it...go
>> onto Naltrexone and no more opiates and even better no cravings for
>> opiates..Wow! How very cool....until..the doctor said to be sure he would
>> have
>> to inject my brother with Narcaine  to make sure there was no more opiates
>> in
>> his system.
>> The doc injected him with the Narcain and left us for a few minutes and
>> I remember my brother after a few minutes saying wow, this is great,( he was
>> sooo excited after 20 years of addiction ) it's all out of my system and now
>> I
>> can keep it out with Naltrexone...HOWEVER as Jim said the Narcaine would not
>> and
>> was not strong enough to get that very stubborn Suboxone off the receptors.
>> The
>> doc gave my brother some tablet form Naltrexone ( so glad it wasn't an
>> implant)
>> to take home. We went to my place and he had his first dose of Naltrexone
>> orally, he went into severe withdrawal, I had seen him in withdrawal before
>> but
>> not like this. He put up with it for 24 hours, shat the bed, was in a pool
>> of
>> sweat ect ect. As strong and determined as he was he got up with a balnket
>> around him and said to me,"Jase, I can't do this man, not like this, you
>> have to
>> get me something". That was that.
>> Be very careful when going onto Naltrexone especially from Beup, Suboxone,
>> Subutex. As far as I have heard and seen, it's not that Naltrexone stops the
>> cravings, basically it's more that if you use opiates you will not feel
>> them.
>> I have known quite a few people who when using opiates didn't use speed
>> however
>> started doing so when they had the Naltrexone implant because they still
>> wanted
>> something. This is one of the good things about Iboga/Ibogaine is it can
>> SOMETHIMES help with dealing with some of those issues that contribute to us
>> chasing something to fill the missing peice which a lot of the times is
>> actual
>> peace.
>> The missing peice is peace. I have also known people after a full blown
>> treatment to still have cravings, though diminshed still had them. Other
>> people
>> who had no cravings at all and even at the thought of using opiates made
>> them
>> repulsed.
>> There are no gaurantees with Iboga/Ibogaine. You can be sure though that 99%
>> of
>> the time it will take away at least 80% of the withdrawal, sometimes all the
>> withdralwal and calm the cravings down, nothing else does.
>> As most of us know it shouldn't be said that if you have Iboga/Ibogaine
>> everything will be alright. You definatley need to know what you will be
>> doing
>> post Iboga/Ibogaine and expect to feel some discomfort for at least a few
>> days,
>> sometimes weeks and sometimes months if you have been using for a very long
>> time
>> and you are on methadone. However it is a wonderful and remarkable medicine
>> that
>> helps us to and gives us a very good chance to become free.
>> It is the best thing I have ever done and would always highly reccomend it,
>> I
>> just wouldn't over sell it with my enthusiasm as I did when I first had it.
>> It
>> is quite marvelous.
>> Save the Iboga trees, Save Dana  : ) and remember Norma Lotsof wife of the
>> great
>> Howard Lotsof.
>> Jasen
>> ________________________________
>> From: Jim Hadey<jimhadey3 at yahoo.com>
>> To: The Ibogaine List<ibogaine at mindvox.com>
>> Sent: Thu, 28 April, 2011 12:10:36 AM
>> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Ibogaine and naltrelone
>> Hi Gary,
>> You were doing so good too, it is not my place
>> to bitch at ya it's just kind of a shame as were we
>> all rooting fer ya.  Anyway listen Very carefully to
>> what I am gonna tell ya.  With large amounts of
>> heroin use you must wait at the very least 14
>> to 21 one days.  I took nal after the Narcan
>> challenge where they give you a shot of Narcan
>> and if you go into wd it is only 4 hours.  If you
>> take Naltraxon  too soon you will be in
>> Extreme  wd for a day or two but it will seem
>> much longer.  I was using heroin heavily and
>> took Nal on day 20 and all was fine.Now, if your
>> on sub it very well could take longer.  Now they
>> give you a Narcan challenge and everything
>> goes fine for the sub is warped around several
>> receptors - Very tightly.  So tightly the Narcan
>> can not do it's wd thing.  Then you go and take
>> the Naltraxon and the Nal kicks the sub off the
>> receptors or out numbers the sub molecules
>> and you will have the worst wd of your life.
>> What I am saying is be Very careful I re posted
>> a story about the same thing happening
>> to a guy, he passed the Narcan challenge but
>> got his ass severely kicked for a day or two
>> and was on sub.
>> I don't want to see this happen to you.  Before
>> dropping the Nal maybe take it a speck at a
>> time every two hours.  BTW, did you try taking
>> the RB to fight off paws or did it just do ya in
>> after a while?  Yea, it wears ya down, tired no
>> energy, can't take it anymore.  There is no such
>> thing as a pain free detox as it is going to hurt
>> and ....well make ya feel like crap for a while
>> sometimes 6 months from met.  I had cravings
>> for years and years.  Anyway try again when your
>> able, what else can ya do?
>> I just reread you post and you say:
>>>>> Anyone have any thoughts on
>> using some rb maybe the day after
>> my last mst dose and then start the
>> nal the next day?<<<
>> You DO NOT take mst (I take it that's the
>> same as MS Contin, right?) and take Nal
>> the next day.  You should never take
>> Nal if you have used opiates in the last
>> 21 days.  I took a speck of nal  seven
>> days after I shot a dime of smack.  One
>> hour later I had a loose shit, the wd kind,
>> but that was all there was to it.  I took
>> maybe a 10th or 20th of the tab hard to
>> tell.  But if you take an opiate one day
>> and Nal the next plan to be home and go
>> through hell.  Also, let us know how it
>> goes for you might be able to help
>> someone else who might do the same
>> thing.  If your psch wants to give you
>> ms contin then switch you to sub - don't.
>> That is backwards, ask anybody.  You can
>> drop to 2mg of sub and can go no lower
>> from the stories of many people on this
>> forum.
>> Best of Luck,
>>    - JIM
>> --- On Wed, 4/27/11, Sister<sisterwind at verizon.net>  wrote:
>>> From: Sister<sisterwind at verizon.net>
>>> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Ibogaine and naltrelone
>>> To: "The Ibogaine List"<ibogaine at mindvox.com>
>>> Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 8:21 AM
>>> Gary... not sure I understand... What also causes paws?  The rb or the
>>> nalt?
>>> I do have a few questions.  What else have you done for your soberity other
>>> then
>>> the iboga?  Any support system in place?  Did you increase exceriseing or
>>> change
>>> anything?  I have to admit... I never had anyone tell me that they didnt
>>> get
>>> relief from the craving by doing a full flood.  I also have to admit I have
>>> only
>>> been involved with this plant for about a yr so I havent seen it all.  I
>>> just
>>> never had anyone tell me that I wittiness a flood dose that they still have
>>> cravings.  Now some have said they only got 3 mo of relief but never came
>>> out
>>> the gate with cravings.
>>> This makes me wonder a few things but.... I guess mainly what else have you
>>> done
>>> for yourself.
>>> I know for me and my 35 plus yrs of using depending on iboga alone landed
>>> in
>>> failure.  I had to step up and out of my comfort zone.  This meant asking
>>> for
>>> help, sharing with others, allowing others to help me. BIG changes in my
>>> life
>>> etc.  But if your depending on Iboga alone then I dont have all that much
>>> hope
>>> for success.  Iboga is wonderful, best plan of action I know of but that
>>> alone
>>> is for sure not enough.
>>> I also had lingering symptoms of wd.  I had the chill in my arms that
>>> lasted a
>>> good mo or longer.  It was not very intense but for sure there.    I just
>>> figured that after 35 yr of continuesly putting some sort of opiate in my
>>> system
>>> to function that I couldnt ask for more then what I got.
>>> I also needed that second tx badly.... that second tx for me made all the
>>> difference.  After my first tx I didnt get boosters or did I even know
>>> anything
>>> about rb.. I do think it would of made a difference but it is what it is.
>>> ANyways... going back to dope is a choice for sure.  Just not one that I
>>> want
>>> for me.  I hate to see someone give up and give in to it.  It is the
>>> easiest way
>>> for sure.... wont have to grow up but for this addict it is NOT a choice.
>>> I
>>> know what will happen so I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep what
>>> I
>>> have now.
>>> --- On Tue, 4/26/11, Gary<sidskidpiercing at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>>> From: Gary<sidskidpiercing at gmail.com>
>>>> Subject: [Ibogaine] Ibogaine and naltrelone
>>>> To: "The Ibogaine List"<ibogaine at mindvox.com>
>>>> Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 4:54 PM
>>>> Hi all.
>>>> I have a question regarding my latest attempt at detox...
>>>> My psych has agreed to a taper me with mst (slow release morphine
>>>> sulphate) - a
>>>> rare opportunity over here. You can normally only get prescribed morphine
>>>> via a
>>>> private doctor/prescription
>>>> So the plan is to stabilise me on the morphine and reduce it over around
>>>> three
>>>> months. At the end I'm going to get oral naltrexone.
>>>> Unfortunately ibo didn't work for me when it came to cravings and paws.
>>>> I do still have some rb leftover and was wondering if I could use it at
>>>> the end
>>>> of my taper to kick the last of the opiates off the receptors before I
>>>> start the
>>>> naltrexone... ?
>>>> Mst continus has quite a long half life and as you all know when swapping
>>>> to
>>>> suboxone/nal you need to go into wd's to avoid precipitated acute wd's.
>>>> I don't really fancy waiting three days in-between the two.
>>>> Anyone have any thoughts on using some rb maybe the day after my last mst
>>>> dose
>>>> and then start the nal the next day?
>>>> I've also heard nal can cause paws on it's own? Anyone have any experience
>>>> of
>>>> this?
>>>> Obviously I'm anxious about the transfer part. And then if I'm struggling
>>>> with
>>>> wd's once on nal I can't do anything about it!.... Or can rb be used in
>>>> combination maybe for residual paws?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Gary
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