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Hello Vanessa,

I understand your frustration. It would be nice if the medical board allowed 
doctors to prescribe short acting opiates without repercussions. Ideally you are 
right that switching to short acting opiates will be much better when dosing 
with Iboga/Ibogaine.

It is very difficult to sometimes acquire these sao's and as mad or crazy as 
this sounds, if you can't safely get hold of sao's for a month before treatment 
I would suggest switching to methadone for one month...I know I know it sounds 
crazy however it is not as crazy as it sounds. If it is only a month it can 
still be pulled off with out to much trouble as it hasn't really set in well. 
Maybe see methadone like very slow drying concrete, the longer it is in your 
system the harder the claws get and the harder to get it out. One month of 
methadone the methadone is still a baby and is still pliable, the Iboga/Ibogaine 
will get it off without to much trouble.

I have seen this done a number of times with good results, 1 month is best just 
to make sure. People may say and, understandably.....   Suboxone to 
methadone...that's crazy,..it's... it's like going backwards???     It's not if 
only done for a month before  Iboga/Ibogaine.

Confirm your detox date then switch so it is only for a month and not two or 

When people have done this for a month it has worked well. I know a girl that 
only did it for 10 days ( switched from Suboxone to methadone)  and had a bit of 
a hard time as she started to get slight withdrawals after only 2 days then had 
another good whack of Iboga mixed with Ibogaine and did really well.


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Hi to everybody, really glad to have found this place :-) I've been reading a 
lot of the material on the mindvox site but I can't seem to get validated on 
mindvox.com is that the same thing as the list here or what do I need to do? I'm 
also not finding very much info here or in google on one subject in particular 
which is my situation. 

How long do I need to be off suboxone in order to do ibogaine? Also what is the 
reason that it's needed to change off it to morphine is what treatment centers 
are all recommending to me over the phone and saying like 2 weeks, it's not 
exactly easy to get a doc to take you off subs and agree to give you morphine so 
you can leave the country to do this hallucinogen... it doesn't somehow sound 
like a great thing ;-) what have people said to their doctors to get them to 
cooperate? Do you need to switch docs or end up quitting the sub and doing 
heroin before ibogaine? I am only starting to figure out when I have the time 
free to do this and haven't started to push it, but even very basic stuff like 
telling my doc about ibogaine and showing him literature and vids on youtube 
which have doctors talking about it, is not getting met with a lot of enthusiasm 
and I've asked why the need to switch from subs to morphine of the treatment 
centers I've called but not so much gotten the same answer, one was that I have 
to be on something short acting the other was something way more complicated 
that I didn't understand so much, but all I'm hearing is that I can't go 
straight from sub to ibogaine. Best advice on how to get my doc to agree with 
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