[Ibogaine] suboxone to ibogaine

Mikki Lynne xxmikkixx at gmail.com
Fri May 6 16:45:24 EDT 2011

Hi again Vanessa,

I can definitely see why you're frustrated. Sometimes the only thing that
helps me get over my frustration a little is to think, at least I am in a
better place than where I *could* be... Being on suboxone isn't typically
ideal for most people, but in many ways it can be a life saver. Anyways...

The first thing I notice about your situation is the dose of sub you're on.
Have you tried to cut down any? If you're considering an ibo treatment this
summer, then the sooner you start cutting down the better. For some people
it's not too hard, to go from 16 to 8mg fairly quickly. And when I was at
8mg, I dropped to 4mg by alternating days (8mg one day, 4mg the next, etc.)
and taking Xanax. I had a relatively low tolerance to benzos at the time,
Thank God- this helps. On the days that I was taking 4mg sub, I would take
4mg Xanax with my dose in the morning, then I might take 1 or 2 more mg
xanax a couple more times throughout the day... Just in case withdrawal
kicked in, but it never did (BTW I'm sure you already know this, but of
course I would be irresponsible not to mention the dangers of mixing too
much benzos and opiates). There are other meds that some people might
mention to help you as you are dropping your dose. And there are a million
methods of tapering and detoxing, a few of which I stumbled upon myself just
by messing around. So don't get frustrated if you're not able to cut down as
much/fast as you'd like, or if you start feeling a little shitty. Just let
us know what's going on and where you're at- ask for help and you shall
receive! :)

So... Within one month, I went from 8mg sub to alternating 2mg one day, 4mg
the next. From that point, I was able to step off sub completely and
switched to a naturally occurring SAO. Never had any withdrawal from the sub
and actually felt and even looked much better. People could tell by looking
at me that something had changed- I knew it was because I wasn't on the
pills anymore, I was "making" my own, natural medicine.

I had been on suboxone for 3yrs by the time I stepped off, and was very
worried about PAWS. I wanted to go as long as possible in between my last
dose of sub and my iboga treatment. So I stayed on the SAO for just about 3
months. It ran me around the same price as the sub doc did, and helped me
with a chronic pain issue I'd developed, whereas suboxone has NEVER helped
me with any kind of pain, so if you have any pain issues that could be
another bonus in switching to a different opioid. I hate to sound cryptic,
but there's been a lot of stuff going on lately in the ibo world. Looks as
if the powers that be are trying to take away all the ways in which we drug
dependent people can help ourselves... Feel free to PM me with any other
questions. There's a bit more I could tell you and a bit more I wanted to
say, but I'm at work now and it's time to close up shop. If you want to know
about my iboga experience I'd be glad to share that as well. You're in a
tight spot, but it's definitely do-able! :)


On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 9:25 AM, Jim Hadey <jimhadey3 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Vanessa,
> Sometimes you got to think from the Dr point of
> view.  Here's what he's thinking.....What is this
> person doing wanting me to give them morphine
> rather than sub so they can take some kind of
> root bark from deepest darkest Africa that is
> not approved by the FDA and illegal in this
> country and suppose end addiction AND is a
> hallucinogen.  Yea, it would be a hard sell to
> the Dr., not to mention  you are paying their
> bills by coming to the office every month. To a
> large extent Dr are very closed minded.  You may
> hear the ole "Your trying to run your own program"
> line.  See, he went to college and studied for
> years and he is not going to change his mind.
> If you tell him you are having w/d after 6 months
> he will tell you it is something else and give you
> some kind of antidepressant and you'll never
> get better.  Many do not know about PAWS.
> May I ask if your Dr takes insurance or Cash.
> Wishing you the best,
>   - JIM
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> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] suboxone to ibogaine
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> Date: Friday, May 6, 2011, 7:24 AM
> Hey Vanessa,
> I didn't tell my sub doc anything because it was 100% pointless. I would
> have been laughed out of his office. Oxys were easy to get in my town, so I
> got a supply of those for my switch. That's my story.
> Good luck!
> On May 6, 2011, at 5:19 AM, Vanessa Diaz <diaz_vanessa at rocketmail.com<http://mc/compose?to=diaz_vanessa@rocketmail.com>>
> wrote:
> Hi Mikki, I'm on 16MG a day and nearing the end of year number 2 for me.
> I'm def on the trying ibogaine this summer bandwagon, but I'm a little lost
> about how to convince my doc to change me over to something like morphine
> instead it doesn't sound very realistic you know? It's hard enough getting a
> sub doc, that was a long wait but I'm not seeing any reasonable way to have
> this conversation with the doc I have right now, he's not  listening to any
> of the ibogaine material I've shown him and I've shown him only the stuff
> with MD's talking in it and printed some of the medical journal articles,
> none of the crazier material.
> At this stage I'm thinking that I really have two options, which is either
> just buy percs which are very easy to get, I'm not in a situation where I
> can get morphine and scared to death of doing street dope again and where
> that might lead for me, while I may not be clean I'm a very different person
> then I was only 2 years ago. The other option I'm thinking is just getting
> another doctor without telling the first one about it, because I see no real
> way to get him to listen to me and what I'd like to try to do and let me
> change over to something else.
> The third option I guess would be going somewhere and staying for 2 or 3
> weeks and have the treatment place switch me to morphine but I don't have
> the time or money to go someplace for a month.
> How did it work for you? I'm convinced enough that ibogaine does work as a
> great detox, but how did you approach the topic of getting treated with
> ibogaine with your sub doc, or didn't you?
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> Hello:)
> I might be able to offer a little help in the way of sharing my own
> experience. May I ask how much sub you are on currently and how long you
> have been on the medication? Glad you found this list, there are definitely
> plenty of ppl who can help. And glad you found out about iboga! Blessings &
> good luck,
> :)
> Mikki
> On May 5, 2011, at 6:46 PM, junkboy <<http://mc/compose?to=junkboy64@gmail.com>
> junkboy64 at gmail.com <http://mc/compose?to=junkboy64@gmail.com>> wrote:
> they want you off of the sub because its lasts so long in your body. it
> takes a much longer time and a lot more ibogaine to detox someone from sub
> or methadone than it does morpine or heroin..
> people with more expierence with treating sub and methadone hopefully will
> chime in.
> On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 4:21 PM, Vanessa Diaz <<http://mc/compose?to=diaz_vanessa@rocketmail.com><http://mc/compose?to=diaz_vanessa@rocketmail.com>
> diaz_vanessa at rocketmail.com<http://mc/compose?to=diaz_vanessa@rocketmail.com>
> > wrote:
>  Hi to everybody, really glad to have found this place :-) I've been
> reading a lot of the material on the mindvox site but I can't seem to get
> validated on <http://mindvox.com/> <http://mindvox.com>mindvox.com is that
> the same thing as the list here or what do I need to do? I'm also not
> finding very much info here or in google on one subject in particular which
> is my situation.
> How long do I need to be off suboxone in order to do ibogaine? Also what is
> the reason that it's needed to change off it to morphine is what treatment
> centers are all recommending to me over the phone and saying like 2 weeks,
> it's not exactly easy to get a doc to take you off subs and agree to give
> you morphine so you can leave the country to do this hallucinogen... it
> doesn't somehow sound like a great thing ;-) what have people said to their
> doctors to get them to cooperate? Do you need to switch docs or end up
> quitting the sub and doing heroin before ibogaine? I am only starting to
> figure out when I have the time free to do this and haven't started to push
> it, but even very basic stuff like telling my doc about ibogaine and showing
> him literature and vids on youtube which have doctors talking about it, is
> not getting met with a lot of enthusiasm and I've asked why the need to
> switch from subs to morphine of the treatment centers I've called but not so
> much gotten the same answer, one was that I have to be on something short
> acting the other was something way more complicated that I didn't understand
> so much, but all I'm hearing is that I can't go straight from sub to
> ibogaine. Best advice on how to get my doc to agree with this?
> thanks!
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