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harvey plex harveyplex at gmail.com
Thu May 5 20:49:01 EDT 2011

This is where the email was sourced from :
come on out in the open you chicken .
lets hear those accusations again and let those that you accuse defend
themselves against your hateful lies in this public forum .
i am half tempted to post this note but  i promised someone i wouldnt . this
person should be outed then tarred and feathered in front of everybody .
no mercy should be shown here . put em down i say and down for good .
this is my last email concerning this witch hunt im trying to perform (mind
you i like witches too) , i should call it a punkhunt or a cunthunt (pardon
ze french) either way this person should be put out the pasture permanently.
IF you only knew what the contents of the letter i speak of were , you too ,
would agree with me .
i hope CAL posts it for you all to see .
then you might understand my motivations here .
Plus again i have been off narcotics for over a year and a half because of
the help of this person and the direction and education they gave me .
I love NOBU for this same reason as he helped me too without thinking twice
about it . I know some think he is out there and i love him for it .
He showed me how much he cares many times and thats just  beautiful .
i love alot of other Eboka/mindvox forum members too , Beverly included
though i havent heard jack crap from her till today , and man have i heard
from her today .
must run because im going to an NA meeting to help ensure my sobriety (i go
every so often as it reminds me of what i am and what is always there for me
if i choose to return to my old using habits)
much love and detective sleuthing to find the culprit(s)of this hateful
- harvey plex

On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 5:54 PM, harvey plex <harveyplex at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am trying to get the administrator of the Eboka.info site to post the
> letter he recieved as i have read it and it is absolutely untrue and more
> than horrible .
> maybe someone here will recognize the style of print or spot a certain clue
> as to who this was .
> they used the screen name LOUIS WILL though . does that sound familiar to
> anyone? If you know who this is , lets expose them and have them held
> accountable for this hateful misinformation and propganda .
> lets get LOUIS WILL for this .
> Where does this vermin hide ?
> Louis , if i dont get ya the devil will (big ass smile) .
> much love and helping each other with truths not lies or silence .
> - harvey plex
>   On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 5:11 PM, James Forristal <psychonaut101 at gmail.com
> > wrote:
>> The desire to place blame when you loose something of value to you is
>> strong and can make for a lot of trouble if a person has vengeance in their
>> heart.   I think this is one good reason not to underplay the risks of
>> ibogaine or delude yourself into that potential problems will not show their
>> face because you in all your glory are the one using the medicine. ;)
>>  Okthanx byebye
>> On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 2:58 PM, Sister <sisterwind at verizon.net> wrote:
>>>  No one person is responsible for this poor Childs death.  Not sure if
>>> it's the same person but I think I did review his EKG and told him he was
>>> not a candidate for tx.
>>> I think he also was told by someone else that a pacer is safe.   So...
>>> Really up to him to do own research then decide.   Deaths will happen no
>>> matter what safety measures taken.  I am one not a fan for diy in hopes to
>>> increase  chances of survival if things go south .... Simple assessments
>>> during tx to recognize the body is not compensating....etc.
>>>      My heart goes out for the family/ mother.  I fear we will be seeing
>>> many more deaths due to diy and disinformation thus forcing the dea to take
>>> steps.   I do understand why some choose diy.... My life is worth so much
>>> more then a few thousand but before I got clean it didn't feel like it.
>>> Sister
>>> On May 5, 2011, at 5:11 PM, harvey plex <harveyplex at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>   Amen Edward !!!
>>> On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 2:51 PM, Edward W < <edwardw at mtciep.com>
>>> edwardw at mtciep.com> wrote:
>>>> sorry to hear Harvey Plex, I haven't been on that  forum in a long time.
>>>>    Unfortunately with Iboga and Ibogaine, there are always risks that can
>>>> occur unexpectedly.
>>>> Peace
>>>> ___________________
>>>> Edward
>>>> <edwardw at mtciep.com>edwardw at mtciep.com
>>>> On 5/5/2011 12:34 PM, harvey plex wrote:
>>>>>  The administor of a the Eboka Index had recently recieved a nasty,
>>>>> nasty em,ail from someone on the Mindvox list blaming the Eboka Idex For a
>>>>> cretain tragedy that had happed not so long ago .
>>>>> The Eboka Forum isnt responsible for tragedy with the young man with
>>>>> the pacemaker .
>>>>> if you look at the threads no one EVER told him what to do so far as a
>>>>> treatment .
>>>>> No one ever gave him advice on a dose either ,.
>>>>> The forum was made aware of this tragedy by a member whom had suddenly
>>>>> left ( why?)  whom made this anouncement by telling the forum that they
>>>>> should feel bad about not feeling bad about something they had no clue what
>>>>> happened to him at all .
>>>>> This certain person that told eveybody that they should feel bad for
>>>>> not caring about his demise NEVER gave anybody the contact info for the mom
>>>>> or dad .
>>>>> She just popped in with a quilt trip .
>>>>> why would we feel bad about advice we never gave him ?
>>>>> the female informer was in contact with this family too .
>>>>> so if anyoner ever talked to them or gave them some kind of advice , it
>>>>> just have might have been her !
>>>>> he didnt mention a pacemaker till his last post in the forum either .
>>>>> this tragic event has got providers instilling fear and funneling money
>>>>> (many , many , dont do it for free either ) into their pockets .
>>>>> using this event as a way to get business or scare people that are
>>>>> going to make this jump anyway (which i and others have successfully have
>>>>> done in the past , will continue to happen .
>>>>> its like some prisoners look at the electric fence , the dogs and the
>>>>> armed gaurds in the towers and STILL chose to make a break for possible
>>>>> freedom -damn the consequences !!!)
>>>>> I believe whole heartedly that two people here in paticular (one i wont
>>>>> have anything to do with anymore because of how they have changed their tune
>>>>> ).
>>>>> There was a mass exodus from the eboka forum of some of the old members
>>>>> that was never explained but seems to sync up with this tragic event
>>>>> happening .
>>>>> I just want to defend my home group as much healing and good
>>>>> information does happen there .
>>>>> i went there and got healed so it will always be my "home group" .
>>>>> I also have always injoyed this forum also and mean nothing but to
>>>>> correct this wrong that has been made against a fellow forum.
>>>>> *We must not have this type of misinformation participated in and
>>>>> promoted because it isnt the truth !!!
>>>>> *I was just very sad to hear today that one of the people whom helped
>>>>> me get healed was attacked for something he had NO part in .
>>>>> much love and healing ,
>>>>> Harvey Plex
>>>>> ps . If this Ibogaine forum or any othe Eboka forum (or any of the
>>>>> members)believe that they as a forum are above this kind of tragedy ever
>>>>> being related  to them ( it happened to us all right ?) .
>>>>> They might not want to throw stones in a glass house as Karma is
>>>>> watching us and our intentions .
>>>>> much love and Star Wars ,
>>>>> harvey Plex
>>>>> ps . ps .  Again this note is about hate mail being recieved by those
>>>>> that do not desrve it .
>>>>>              I would like to expose whom is behind it and their true
>>>>> motivations so lets get this out in the open and discuss it for what it
>>>>> really is .
>>>>>              This is about healing not misinformation , back stabbing
>>>>> and self promotion (bragging rights ?)
>>>>> i want to expose the debasers of this misinformation and propaganda and
>>>>> see them all run out of town .
>>>>>  - sometimes i think " lets hang em high and for all to see !"
>>>>> but that isnt the way i would like to be .
>>>>> i have anger issues still (irish) which i am working on .
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