[Ibogaine] O.T. Bin Laden what rreally happened

Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Mon May 2 09:09:06 EDT 2011

Hi Folks,

Yea, they got ole Bin Laden.  They were waiting
to get him maybe 9 months before the election
to make Obama look good which is hard to do.

Well the army and soldiers went into a cave an
found  Bin Laden there and he had a heart attack
or stroke or something.  So they were going to
write a report and that and the Sgt said   Wait
let's back up 100 yards and shell the hell out of
them they we will be on TV and all get promoted
for we got the number one man.  He was 80 plus
and died by heart attack.  Now if I was there I
would find some Pakistan guy and say he  
captured him and shot him and then he gets the
reward and we split.  Don't believe everything
they say on TV.  The guy had a heart attack.

  - JIM
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