[Ibogaine] D in NYC

Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 18:16:22 EDT 2011

          It was good to talk with you Evan. Sorry for the disparaging
remarks. Like I said, all we really have right now is supposition to go by.
Turns out he was busted in Seattle. OK now we know better. Gate told me he
had an assitant that he would put on it immediatley. I think he will do the
best job he can for Dana. I hope what you told me is true.

          Peace Love and The Underground
                   BiscuitBoy Blues

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 5:45 PM, Randy Faulconer <bicuitboy714 at gmail.com>wrote:

>          Hey Evan, life is short don't be a fucking dick!!
>         Your ass has nothing to do with Ibogaine so you have no idea how
> shit like this effects everybody. And as we speak I have already have Gate
> on it. Don't try and be pushy with me dude. You know who I am what I'm
> about. I'm trying to find out just what the fuck is going on. Smoke another
> joint and stay the fuck outta the way.
>       If you guys weren't such pussies you might actually try and help.
>        Don't fuck with me dude. You should know better.
>               Peace Love and Testosterone
>                        Randy
> On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 3:24 PM, Dana Beal <dana at phantom.com> wrote:
>> People,
>> Please do your fact-checking BEFORE you post, OK????!!!!
>> Can someone who knows what's up get the facts direct from DM and
>> respond??
>> Randy, Dimitri got busted in Seattle a few weeks ago.
>> Was he arrested again more recently in NYC or are you conflating or
>> confusing events.???
>> And really, Gatewood needs time to work on Dana's defense, not chasing
>> down rumors.
>> Evan
>> Yippie!
>>  On Mar 28, 2011, at 10:41 AM, Randy Faulconer wrote:
>>          I just called my lawyer and he is at this moment putting some
>> body on it to get information the legal way. Gatewood is a heavy hitter and
>> fortunately for me a good friend of mine. We should know more in a few
>> hours. He's in the midst of running for Governor so he has an assitant doing
>> a lot of his stuff. He's personally taking care of my son though.
>>        I guess we hide and watch but I bet every thing I have Gate finds
>> out exactly what happened.
>>              Peace Love and the Underground
>>                      BiscuitBoy Blues
>> On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 10:27 AM, Randy Faulconer <bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
>> > wrote:
>>>         Dude I don't really know but I'm going to have my lawyer Gatewood
>>> Galbreath check it out. It is simply logical that these two incedents are
>>> related, This is simply my opinoin however. Gatewood will find out and
>>> matter of fact would probably take the case for free. I'm going to try and
>>> get in touch with D today too, but I would imagine he won't say much about
>>> what happened. D is his own entity and he doesn't realy go the undergroud
>>> way we do. I have a bunch of suspisions that I really don't want to say
>>> because I have come to realize that most everbody in and around the movement
>>> reads what I write. Everytime I write something that has anything to do with
>>> him I hear from in about half an hour. He isn't on the list I don't think.
>>> Ididn'y know he got popped on the west coast. What was it for??
>>>                BiscuitBoy
>>>   On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 9:37 AM, Matt S <ibogamail at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Hey Randy just to clarify this is a separate incident to his arrest on
>>>> the west coast right?
>>>> Matt
>>>> On 3/28/2011 1:45 AM, Randy Faulconer wrote:
>>>>> Wasn't it in NYC that D got set up by somebody with a sad story?? How
>>>>> many of yall know about that?? I found out last week. They actyally set him
>>>>> up with some kind of a snitch or something and when D showed up with the
>>>>> medicine to treat him................bang.................you're busted!!!
>>>>> There is now a case where somebody treating people with Ibogaine has a risk
>>>>> of being prosecuted for it, Sorry about where you are, if in fact that is
>>>>> actually where you are. Things are very fucking hot in NYC right now
>>>>> concerning Ibogaine, and personally I wouldn't treat you even if you had the
>>>>> money. Not in NYC anyway. I'd have to see you in my turf, see your track
>>>>> marks, and then sit on you until I saw that yuo were getting dope sick. Plus
>>>>> I would strip you to make sure you didn't have a wire on. AND the medicine
>>>>> would be no where near where we were until I knew you were legit.
>>>>>         This may sound harsh and I'm sorry things are going the way you
>>>>> describe, but it's that one bad fucking apple thing killing it for the rest
>>>>> right now. The only thing you have going for you is, I would think that if
>>>>> the feds were trying to bust somebody else they would most likely be waving
>>>>> money around. You aren't. But it is going to get to the point where only the
>>>>> well known people who have been around for a few years will have any access
>>>>> what so ever to the sacrement.
>>>>>        This situation sucks out loud. I was once a good friend of D's.
>>>>> I would just as soon bust him in the fucking mouth but since he is an Ibo
>>>>> peovider I will be there for him any way I can. If it comes down to court,
>>>>> we have to be there with signs and making all of the noise we can.
>>>>>            We shall see what happens.
>>>>>        Peace Love and Counter Surveillance
>>>>>                Randy
>>>>> On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 9:10 AM, Jim Hadey <jimhadey3 at yahoo.com<mailto:
>>>>> jimhadey3 at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>>>>>    Hi Aaron,
>>>>>    Your in the same boat as many people.  Non users
>>>>>    are having problems with bills, payments, employment,
>>>>>    etc.  I hate the methadone clinics more than you will
>>>>>    ever know but have you thought about paying for a
>>>>>    clinic, it is cheaper than 3 bags a day and sub when
>>>>>    able.  A methadone clinic is the last resort like when
>>>>>    your running out of money, going to get evicted or
>>>>>    arrested and you see it coming I would go to a clinic
>>>>>    and put up with them for a month or two then SAOs for
>>>>>    as long as possible, then Ibo with boosters.
>>>>>    If you saved maybe $500 or so you could get the Ibo
>>>>>    but you really should have a sitter - very important.
>>>>>    When you take the Ibo it is different than any other
>>>>>    drug and for many reasons you should have a sitter.
>>>>>    So, you may be $500 or $600 bucks away.  Do you
>>>>>    have family and friends that can help you?  It is not
>>>>>    always a fun ride.  Sometimes you come out feeling
>>>>>    great and other times you don't.  If you really want
>>>>>    to quit you should start cutting down on your sub.
>>>>>    I wish you the best Aaron,
>>>>>      - JIM
>>>>>    --- On *Sat, 3/26/11, Aaron Baskin /<aaron.c.baskin at gmail.com
>>>>>    <mailto:aaron.c.baskin at gmail.com>>/* wrote:
>>>>>        From: Aaron Baskin <aaron.c.baskin at gmail.com
>>>>>        <mailto:aaron.c.baskin at gmail.com>>
>>>>>        Subject: [Ibogaine] cry for help
>>>>>        To: ibogaine at mindvox.com <mailto:ibogaine at mindvox.com>
>>>>>        Date: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 11:48 PM
>>>>>        Hi guys,
>>>>>        I hope I'm sending this to the right place ?  I've been
>>>>>        reading the goings on here for a while and being that I am at
>>>>>        absolute wits end I figured I'd try asking for help here.  I'm
>>>>>        31 years old and have been struggling with addiction,
>>>>>        primarily opiates, all my life...literally.  In all likelihood
>>>>>        I was /born /addicted.  The story I got was that I spent the
>>>>>        first month of my life in an incubator at the hospital, after
>>>>>        being born a month late at 5 lbs, 4 oz with "dysentery and
>>>>>        pneumonia".  Later in life, I came to realize that opiate
>>>>>        withdrawals are quite similar to having dysentery and
>>>>>        pneumonia !  Also...my mother got pregnant again when I was
>>>>>        about 12, and being so happy she was pregnant she celebrated
>>>>>        by continuing to shoot dope and smoke crack...my parents hid
>>>>>        nothing from me.  Fortunately, out of all my mothers
>>>>>        pregnancies I was the only one to be unlucky enough to survive.
>>>>>        I'm not sharing this to blame my parents for my
>>>>>        problems...over the years I've come to realize that they did
>>>>>        love me, and they did the best they could for me.  In
>>>>>        fact...they probably did a better job than I ever could, if I
>>>>>        had to raise myself I'd be dead.  I am responsible for my
>>>>>        addiction...ultimately, at some point I had a choice whether
>>>>>        or not I would do this to myself, and for whatever reason, in
>>>>>        spite of me swearing up, down, left and right that I would
>>>>>        NEVER be like my parents...I made decisions that led to me
>>>>>        becoming the worst of both of them combined, and now I can't
>>>>>        seem to escape this.  I share these things about myself to
>>>>>        give you guys some idea of the kind of addict I am:  I am a
>>>>>        real dopefiend...I am not the kind of addict that got hooked
>>>>>        on legitimate prescription opiates by accident.  I am a
>>>>>        junkie...plain and simple.
>>>>>        I did have a couple years sober at one point, and
>>>>>        unfortunately I failed to continue to do what it took for me
>>>>>        to maintain it.  I worked damned hard to get sober and stay
>>>>>        sober for as long as I did...and at some point I guess I felt
>>>>>        I'd done enough work and slacked off and eventually it bit me
>>>>>        in the ass...a very hard lesson to learn, but alas I have
>>>>>        indeed learned from the experience.  Never again will I make
>>>>>        that mistake.  I am a member of a 12 step brainwash cult...my
>>>>>        brain /needs /washing :)  But, while the 12 step program will
>>>>>        keep me sober, I need to /get /sober in order to stay
>>>>>        sober...and I can't seem to get myself there.
>>>>>        I can't do another detox like I did in 2007.  I walked off the
>>>>>        methadone clinic at 80 mg and went through months of
>>>>>        hell...hell that the memory of alone would have kept any
>>>>>        normal, sane person from EVER going back.  But, apparently I
>>>>>        am not sane and I am definitely not normal.  I just don't have
>>>>>        it in me to go through that again.  I'm not on methadone now,
>>>>>        nor do I intend on getting on methadone.  I've been
>>>>>        maintaining on a minimal amount of heroin and suboxone (when I
>>>>>        can get it).  I haven't bothered trying to get "high" in
>>>>>        months...when I am using the heroin the most I've been using
>>>>>        is 2 or 3 bags a day.  I don't want to get high anymore...I
>>>>>        just want this to end.  I want another chance, and I swear if
>>>>>        I get it I will never let it go again.  Until I get that
>>>>>        chance, I'm just trying to keep from being sick.  I just don't
>>>>>        have it in me to be in that kind of pain anymore.
>>>>>        Anyhow...I hope I haven't bored you guys, I know you've heard
>>>>>        it all before...but I need help.  There's no way I could
>>>>>        possibly pay for an ibogaine treatment.  My life is falling
>>>>>        apart and I'm struggling like hell to not lose the roof over
>>>>>        my head and keep the gas and electric on  and food in the
>>>>>        fridge...though I would gladly give these things up and go
>>>>>        into the shelter system if I could get a clean start there
>>>>>        free from this beast of addiction that's been beating me down.
>>>>>        I need help...and I am humbling myself and asking for it.  I
>>>>>        am not asking for a free ride.  I've taken enough from this
>>>>>        world and what I want now is a chance to be able to get back
>>>>>        in a position to be able to start giving to the world again
>>>>>        rather than taking from it.  I can't pay for treatment...but I
>>>>>        sure can work for it.  I had a 10 year career as a commercial
>>>>>        fisherman that I would one day like to get back to if I
>>>>>        can...if any of you know anything about commercial fishing,
>>>>>        then you know I /know /how to work.  I am asking, please...if
>>>>>        any of you know any way I can work for treatment to help get
>>>>>        me connected.  I live in NYC, if any of you are in the city
>>>>>        and provide treatment and could use some kind of labor I would
>>>>>        be more than happy to work for you in exchange for treatment.
>>>>>         Or if any of you are in one of the more civilized countries
>>>>>        in the world where you're actually able to provide treatment
>>>>>        in a clinical setting...I would love nothing more than to give
>>>>>        you 6 months or a year of my time to earn my treatment so long
>>>>>        as you could keep a roof over my head, food in my belly and
>>>>>        provide me with just enough of the local currency to ride the
>>>>>        bus around and explore wherever you're located.  And
>>>>>        actually...if any of you are providing treatment somewhere
>>>>>        near enough to the US border that I would be able to be in the
>>>>>        US at least once a month, I am currently collecting
>>>>>        disability, so you wouldn't have to give me any kind of cash
>>>>>        at all as long as I could keep that coming in...I'd even be
>>>>>        willing to give most of it to you and pay for my treatment
>>>>>        myself if you could keep me housed and fed until it was paid
>>>>>        off.  I will do anything...I hope I've made myself perfectly
>>>>>        clear, and I hope that one of you kind souls will be able to
>>>>>        help me.
>>>>>        Thank you for listening...
>>>>>        Aaron
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