[Ibogaine] One More Thing

Matt S ibogamail at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 23:59:50 EDT 2011

Hi Beau

As I said to Dean, any comments remotely disparaging of you were about 
an anonymous patient until Dean himself showed up and gave you a name.  
Even then it was just someone named Beau until you yourself posted and 
let everyone know your full name.  How can any comment about an 
anonymous person be slander?  I suppose some people knew who you were, 
but me and about 9000 other people on this list didn't until you and 
Dean made sure we did.  I must have missed where someone said you were 
looney which you apparently took great offense to.  All I caught was an 
offhand remark to the effect that your testimony was not to be trusted 
based on the fact that you were recently addicted, a comment which I 
myself took a slight bit of offense to (but for which I was happy to see 
Diane apologize).  Beyond that I can't remember any other disparaging 
comments.  Not that that means there weren't any others, just that no 
other ones stuck in my mind.

Also, I never said I was concerned about drama and micky mouse 
professionalism, I was quoting Dean.  My point was that there really 
wasn't as much drama as Dean was making it out to be.  In fact I think I 
can safely say that your recent posts have stirred up at least as much 
drama as there was before, which is to say, not a whole lot.  I also 
never said I was sick of drama and I would encourage you to point out 
any circular reasoning I am engaged in.  Please directly quote me 
however as I find your characterization of my last post very inaccurate.

"The only reason that I brought up my achievements was because my 
credibility was being threatened, and I was making an attempt to 
reestablish it before coming through with my testimony."

I was actually referring to Dean when I said that I don't respond well 
to people who need to let me know how smart and important they are.  
When I read your testimonial where you were talking about how smart and 
important you are I had no idea who you were.  Look I don't mean to be a 
dick but who cares?  This is the internet where anyone can say 
anything.  You make yourself known by how you conduct yourself right 
now.  You can laundry list what an all around amazing cat you are till 
the cows come home and you could still be just about anyone.  I'm not 
saying that you are misrepresenting yourself, I'm just saying that no 
one has any way to know.  If you are intelligent and reasonable, and so 
far it looks likely, then it will come across in how you represent 
yourself.  You don't need to give us credentials that none of us can 
verify anyway (or probably would care to if we could).

"It's obvious, that everyone in this community is playing a game."

How long have you been on this list again?  I feel like both you and 
Dean think you have the measure of everyone on this list despite never 
having spent any time posting to it (and perhaps even reading it).  And 
I have no idea what "organized religion" you are talking about or really 
even what you are getting at.  Again the part in my post that said "I 
have I ever seen such a group of totally unprofessional, aka Mickey 
Mouse, participants in my life. Such drama and deceit should not be 
associated with something promoted as "spiritual"" was a direct quote 
from what Dean said.

Look man thanks for clearing up your side of what happened.  Beyond the 
fact that it was tragic that this person died, and if there is any 
information that can be gleaned from it that would save another life, I 
really don't care who said what about whom.  Accusations and innuendo 
amongst providers and treatment centers is sadly the norm and has been 
for years.  I think most of us here are smart enough to make up our own 
minds about stuff.  The source of the information carries as much weight 
as anything here.  I have seen dozens and dozens of posts leveling all 
manner of charges of unscrupulous or outright dangerous behavior at just 
about everyone at one point or another.  Why that is I don't know for 
sure, but my suspicion is that is has a little to do with strong 
personalities, and a little to do with the fact that many people in the 
ibogaine world were once addicts and as such they tend to have a few 
deficits in the maturation process.  Lord knows I do.

The only reason I weighed in on this stuff at all was because of what 
Dean said which I quoted again above.  I feel like he is disparaging the 
entire list of which I am a frequent participant.  Yeah I am probably 
being overly sensitive, and since I wasn't even involved in this 
conversation before this he wouldn't have been referring to me anyway 
but I felt compelled to respond so I did.


On 3/15/2011 7:06 PM, Griffis, Beau (student) wrote:
> Matt,
> Also, you should realize that spirituality is often followed by 
> organized religion. If you're concerned with the drama and the so 
> called "Micky-Mouse-Professionalism" that's taking place here then why 
> don't you just disconnect from the discussion altogether. It's 
> obvious, that everyone in this community is playing a game. If you 
> don't want to play, you obviously have the right to quit. So when you 
> say your sick of the drama, you're still participating in it. So in a 
> sense you're participating in a type of circular reasoning, that's 
> actually getting you nowhere. I'm glad to be on this form and talk 
> about my experience, especially when I know that I have no vested 
> interest in what's taking place here besides the fact that I wanted to 
> tell the truth about my experience.
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