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Its "national secuity" they say; DHS is in Nebrasca.  I was reading an article in belo that was titled feds go easy on med mj the day Dana was arrested...
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Well said Sister

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On 3/10/2011 7:48 AM, Sister wrote:
> my heart goes out to Dana.... very brave man and with strong 
> convictions.   I dont think I could ever match up.
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>     http://www.thevillager.com/villager_410/potactivists.html
>     Pot activist still in the joint
>     Volume 80, Number 40 | March 3 - 9, 2011
>     West and East Village, Chelsea, Soho, Noho, Little Italy, Chinatown
>     and Lower East Side, Since 1933
>     Pot activist still in the joint: ?It was all medical marijuana?
>     By Lincoln Anderson
>     Dana Beal would rather be smoking a joint ? but he?s in the joint.
>     Bleecker St. marijuana activist Beal continues to sit in jail in
>     Wisconsin after police arrested him and Lance Ramer of Omaha,
>     Nebraska, on Jan. 6 with an alleged 186 pounds of pot in a car that
>     Ramer was driving and in which Beal was a passenger.
>     Beal has been unable to make his $50,000 bail, though his lawyer has
>     been fighting to get the amount reduced. Bail bondsmen ? who take a 10
>     percent payment to post bond ? aren?t allowed in Wisconsin.
>     According to a source, Beal?s Wisconsin case probably won?t go to
>     trial until May. A leader of the Yippie movement and a pot activist
>     since the 1960?s, Beal also faces similar charges in a 2009 Nebraska
>     case, when he was arrested with 150 pounds of marijuana in a vehicle
>     he was riding in. That case could go to trial this month, the source
>     said.
>     Beal last year told this newspaper that the weed in the Nebraska
>     arrest was acquired in California, and that he was planning to deliver
>     it to medical marijuana buyers? clubs in Michigan and New York City.
>     He currently reportedly faces up to seven-and-a-half years in jail.
>     In the meantime, as he passes the time imprisoned, Beal is, well,
>     being Beal. A passionate advocate of ibogaine ? which he touts as a
>     miracle cure for heroin addiction ? Beal reportedly has heard that the
>     son of the judge on his case might have a heroin problem, and if so,
>     could benefit from treatment with the African-plant-derived drug.
>     ?He?s driving his lawyer crazy talking about ibogaine,? said Paul
>     DiRienzo, a former WBAI radio reporter and friend of Beal?s. ?He
>     thinks ibogaine might be useful for the judge?s son if he?s on heroin
>     ? now he can offer the judge?s son a cure for heroin. He would be
>     willing to do ibogaine with him,? as in monitor the man?s dosing with
>     the powerful drug.
>     Beal is also said to be giving advice to a man in a cell across from
>     him detoxing from dope.
>     DiRienzo noted the judge on the Wisconsin case, William Dyke, is ?a
>     very conservative judge ? he was the mayor of Madison in the ?60?s
>     when they were beating up protesters.? In 1976, Dyke was the
>     vice-presidential running mate of Lester Maddox, a staunch
>     segregationist, in his bid for the U.S. presidency.
>     DiRienzo spoke to this newspaper last week a few days after having had
>     a 20-mintue conversation with Beal and his lawyer, Bryon Walker. The
>     calls are expensive for Beal, and Aron Kay, a.k.a. ?The Yippie Pie
>     Man,? has been raising money to pay for Beal?s daily phone calls and
>     other jailhouse expenses.
>     DiRienzo said the hope is that the authorities will just release Beal
>     and possibly only make him pay a fine. He said Walker will argue that,
>     at this point, Beal simply can?t be rehabilitated, prison?s purported
>     purpose.
>     ??Why spend the time and money rehabilitating a 64-year-old pothead
>     who?s never going to change?? That?s what the lawyer said to me,?
>     DiRienzo reported.
>     Beal, during the conversation, also complained that the guards aren?t
>     letting him take food back to his cell. DiRienzo said Beal has always
>     suffered from insomnia, and likes to eat small portions throughout the
>     night. Not being allowed to do so is worsening his insomnia, DiRienzo
>     said, plus, as a result, ?he?s not getting roughage.?
>     DiRienzo said he couldn?t go into the case?s specifics.
>     ?I don?t know what happened,? he said. ?According to his lawyer,
>     he?s innocent.?
>     ?I?m not at liberty to talk about the case,? added Kay. ?He?s being
>     victimized by neo-nazis who don?t like marijuana, in general.?
>     People who want to send money to Beal, can do it by PayPal, via
>     pieman at pieman.org
>     <http://us.mc840.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=pieman@pieman.org>,
>     he said. There?s also a Facebook page, ?Free Dana
>     Beal Free Ourselves,? with more information on how to send cash to
>     Beal. In addition to phone calls, the money allows Beal to pay for
>     juices, sweets and the like.
>     While locked up in Wisconsin, Beal obviously won?t be able to organize
>     the Global Marijuana March (a.k.a. The Million Marijuana March) on
>     Sat., May 7, as he has done for years.
>     ?We?re going to pull it together, one way or another,? assured Kay.
>     ?Nothing will stop it.?
>     Another Yippie source said, ?Someone in Portland is picking up the
>     slack.?
>     The pot march occurs in cities around the world. Organizers for this
>     year?s New York event are reportedly seeking a permit to march from
>     Washington Square Park to Battery Park City.
>     If there?s an upside to his time in jail, Beal at least gets to watch
>     four TV news channels there, noted the Yippie source, adding, ?That?s
>     more than he gets at 9 Bleecker St.? During the Super Bowl, Beal
>     reportedly was telling his prison mates to pipe down, oblivious to the
>     fact that the Packers? playing in the game was an event of historic
>     proportions in Wisconsin.
>     Beal?s arrest was also big news at least in part of the ?Badger
>     State,? in Iowa County, 10 miles outside Madison. According to a Jan.
>     14 article in the Dodgeville Chronicle (?Barneveld police make huge
>     drug bust?), on Jan. 6 a police officer stopped the vehicle Beal was
>     in because it had a broken taillight and some expired registration
>     plates. Initially, Police Officer Nick Zimpel was prepared to issue
>     just a warning, ?perhaps a citation,? but he said, ?I approached the
>     vehicle and could smell an odor of marijuana coming, and at that time,
>     I called for backup.? Ava, a K-9 police dog, was called in and, not
>     surprisingly, immediately ?hit on the vehicle.? Officers subsequently
>     found a duffel bag with a ?brick? of marijuana, with the whole haul of
>     pot having a street value of more than $750,000.
>     A follow-up Dodgeville Chronicle article on Jan. 21 (?Who really is
>     Irvin Dana Beal??) stated, ?Federal investigators are being careful
>     with what information is released [about Beal?s case]. They feel it
>     could compromise an investigation into a national drug ring which runs
>     from California to New York with multiple locations.?
>     However, to hear Beal tell it, while he does admittedly transport
>     cannabis cross-country, it?s marijuana for medical purposes. He calls
>     people like himself ?angels? for bringing pot to those who need it,
>     and says it?s a crime to prosecute them for doing so.
>     Speaking last year, referring to his October 2009 Nebraska bust, Beal
>     told this newspaper, ?I?m just really offended by these a?holes in
>     Nebraska saying it?s not all medical marijuana.? That is: that all the
>     pot in the car was going to be used for medical purposes.
>     He?s been a medical marijuana advocate for more than two decades. He
>     showed a New York newspaper article from the 1980?s, with a photo of
>     him walking down the street, with a satchel over his shoulder, on his

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